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"Trallalero” is an extraordinary polyphonic acappella art typical from Genoa. It 'a very complex style that offers a rhythmic and harmonic performance of great charm. CantöRiöndö celebrates 30 years of activity of GRUPPO SPONTANEO TRALLALERO, tracing its musical history from 1986 to 2016. Among vintage tapes restored and unpublished new songs, you can listen to classical repertoire of the genre as well as songs by Genoese auctors, up to "Dolce Nera” by De Andrè: respect and continuity of tradition, but behind the times. Thanks to groups as the GST, an important heritage of the Italian musical culture continues to live and thrive.

It is in the Ligurian capital that has its origins the "Trallalero", an extraordinary and unique polyphonic traditional art, also called "The Sound of Genoa".
This style of singing, very complex, implies a strong discipline in the coordination of voices, each with a specific timbre and role : a tenor (primmö), a falsetto (cöntraetö), a baritone (cöntröbassö), a rhythmic voice (chitara) and basses (basci). The "Trallalero" finds its originality in the fioritura and ornamentation of melodies, in the counterpoints and instrumental imitation offered by some of the voices. This ensures an inimitable rhythmic and harmonic whole of great charm.

With this album GRUPPO SPONTANEO TRALLALERO celebrates 30 years of living music, paying homage to all the singers who have been and are part of the group.
CantöRiöndö is an anthology that traces their musical history from 1986 to 2016. A journey marketed by physiological changes of line-ups, both voices and directors of the group. And so you can listen to historical singers who then have become models to be imitated or customized in the history of "Trallalero". You can appreciate the work and style impressed by the directors that have followed the direction of the group. Listening to "daete" (ways of singing) which have become a piece of history of this vocal art.
Compiling CantöRiöndö old tapes were recovered and appropriately mastered : real rarities unheeded for many years, along with the most recent and unreleased recordings, respecting the time sequence of group’s history.
The repertoire ranges from the classics of the genre to songs by famous Genoese authors of "Trallalero" up to "Dolce Nera" by Fabrizio De Andrè: respect and continuity of tradition, but behind the times.

These 30 years of activity were rich in satisfactions, prestigious awards, tours all over Europe, but also a course of study and ongoing research, joined to the commitment to sing in the best way and make known this inimitable vocal style to a wider audience. Thanks to groups as GRUPPO SPONTANEO TRALLALERO, an important heritage of the Italian musical culture continues to live and thrive.



Carlo Agosti “Sbacche”, Carlo Ghiglione, Alessandro Guerrini,Salvatore La Fauci
Cöntraetö :
Laura Parodi
Baritoni/Controbasci :
Mauro Bozzini, Sergio Bruzzone, Renato Ferretti, Giampiero Merlo, Davide Porcu
Voce chitarra/Chitara:
Cesare Campanini, Eugenio Rissotto
Bassi/Basci :
Mauro Barbieri, Mauro Bozzini, Ferdinando Cadenasso, Gino Cambiaso, Antonio Camussa, Walter Caneva, Teresio Castello, Pietro Cavalieri, Pinuccio Colapietro, Giorgio Divoto, Guido Ghiglione, Francesco Giovenco, Enrico Grosso, Giuseppe Laruccia, Roberto Maggiolo “Pippo”, Giampiero Merlo, Gianni Parodi, Silvano Pizzimbone, Marco Ponta, Andrea Semino “Cimbri”, Luigi Tavella, Marco Tavella, Mino Torre
Luciano Brolis, Renato Ferretti, Giuseppe Laruccia


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