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To say "trallalero" is to say Genova. Infact this extraordinary polyphonic vocal style has its roots in the regional capital of Liguria, before spreading on the one hand to the Maritime Alps, on the other to the hills around Piacenza. GRUPPO SPONTANEO TRALLALERO boasts twenty years of activity and, even if there have been some physiological changes of lineup, it has always pursued the study and the preservation of the traditional repertoire and the taste for experimentation. Like other genoese "singing teams", the group gained strength and
continuity from countless live performances, but "Vagabondo" is an important document to stop and take stock of the situation. Directed by Maestro Giuseppe Laruccia, GST has one baritone, one contralto, one "guitar voice", and various basses in order to present intense and sometimes touching performances. "Trallalero" has its ingenuity in the ornament and embellishment of the melodies, in the counterpoint and in the imitation of instruments made by some of the voices. The program of the CD is up to the fame that GST has gained during the years even outside its own region. There are some tunes that belong to the purest tradition of the genre, among which "La partenza" and "Vagabondo" stand out, together with songs of authorial origin which go from “Serenata di Don Giovanni” by Bixio and Cherubini to “Pippo non lo sa” by the unforgettable Gorni Kramer and the surprising “Il problema pi? importante” (Clark, Beretta, Del Prete), brought to succces by Adriano Celentano. "Tiritoc", a composition of Nando Citarella taken from the repertoire of his Tamburi del Vesuvio, is something altogether different. It is a moorish dance, in which the author, who is also present as a guest, playfully experiments, together with GST, the versatility of "trallalero" in contact with different rhythmic structures. Thanks to "singing teams" like GST an important heritage of italian musical tradition still lives on and flourishes. And as Beppe Grillo states in the liner notes of this recording "I am sure that in a fifty years time we will still be talking about it [trallalero]".



Presidente: Vittorio Ghiglione
Maestro: Giuseppe Laruccia
Primmö (Tenore): Alessandro Guerrini
Cöntröbassö (Baritono): Giampiero Merlo
Contræto (Contralto): Laura Parodi
Chitara (Voce chitarra): Eugenio Rissotto
Basci (Bassi): Mauro Bozzini, Teresio Castello,
Giuseppe Laruccia, Roberto Maggiolo, Silvano Pizzimbone,
Marco Ponta, Andrea Semino, Marco Tavella

Nando Citarella - voce
Sergio Bruzzone - baritono (in “La buonasera” e “Vagabondo”) Walter Caneva - basso
Manrico Cosso - violino (in “Tiritoc”)
Davide Porcù - baritono (in “Don Giovanni” e “Serenatella proibita”)


CABIT - Tre Re dall'Oriente / La Stella Cometa
from CD "Unico Figlio"
30 March 2019 - h:21.00
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza
Barnasants Festival
Barcelona - Spain

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