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Several new titles to be released this forthcoming winter:
Tre Martelli presents Concerto di Natale (Christmas concert) very suitable chapter for the season, confirming the importance of this historical band on the Italian roots music scene.
The Call:for A New Life, is the title of new album by Nexus, celebrating their first 40 years on the Italian jazz music scene with a renewed lineup (including Emanuele Parrini, Silvia Bolognesi and Tony Cattano a.o). Another important step of our exploration of the contemporary jazz scene in Italy.
Ensemble Maraghi is back ten years after their appreciated Anwar with an album Sounds from the Saray presenting (in a world premiere!) music from unissued manoscripts of 17th century's unknown composers transcripted by Wojchiech Bobowski, at the Costantinople Court during the Ottoman Empire.
The selection is enriched by Arturo Stàlteri's Spirit of Past. The roman composer is here accompanied by several prestigious guests (Roberto Cacciapaglia, Antonello Venditti, Grazia de Michele, Federica Tobidoni, Carmine Capasso,..) that marked his musical career. The album includes new versions of guest's compositions played by the original composers along with with stalteri and several Arturo's composition in new arrangements for solo piano.
MOTUS LAEVUS - New video
Click on the cover’s imagine and play “nekaj je na tebi” fron the new album by Motus Laevus. They perform a melting pot where world music draws close to contemporary jazz and Slovenian songs mix with Oriental scales. Enjoy the video.
Click on the cover's image and you can play "You Were Right" from the new CD by Paolo Bonfanti & Martino Coppo. The video shows some shootings of the recording sessions at Cascina Pracina, in the woods of Alto Monferrato. In this magical atmosphere Paolo & Martino have accomplished a small musical miracle built with unquestionable virtuosity, heart and good vibes. The signature of the production is by Larry Campbell, an American music legend, winner of three Grammy Awards. Americana at its best. Enjoy !
Click on the cover's image and you can play "Mæ roscignêu", the video of the opening track from "Trallalero Levantìn", Orchestra Bailam e Canterini Genovesi's new CD. It's a powerful dialogue between Middle Eastern music and Trallalero, the extraordinary Genoese polyphony. And with this video we celebrate also 30 years of activity of the band !
Unsurprised but still devastated by the news that Sanubar Tursun, one of the greatest living Uyghur singers,
Unsurprised but still devastated by the news that Sanubar Tursun, one of the greatest living Uyghur singers, has been sentenced to 5 years. We don't yet know the actual charge, but there is only one reason for this sentence: to silence a powerful, and much loved voice.
Cabit - New Video
We wish you a Merry Christmas with this new video by Cabit. The band performs musics and songs from the traditional Christmas repertoire of Liguria. The video includes "Tre Re dall'Oriente / La Stella Cometa". Just click on the image. Happy Seasonal Holidays !
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza - New Video
"A Su Tramontu" is the video that anticipates the release of Cancionero, the new album by Elva Lutza with the Catalan singer Ester Formosa. An elegant video that shows a young love that in front of a beautiful sunset tries to stop and keep a moment of happiness. A click on the image to enjoy music and images.
Mandol'in Progress - New Video
How can you play the famous Pink Floyd's "Money" using only mandocello, mandolin and mandola ? Discover it with this spectacular and stunning video by Mandol'in Progress. Try to believe, just click on the disc's cover here to the side.
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