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STALTERI Arturo - Half Angels
Half Angels

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Now at its second recording for Felmay label after the nightly and lunar Child of the Moon, 2006, the pianist and composer Arturo STALTERI proposes his new work, entitled Half Angels, a sound spectrum of broad visions, that reaches even nuances of electronics in addition to Fazioli, the harpsichord, to the guitar and the bouzouki, to confirm a non manieristic instrumental eclecticism.

Together with STALTERI we find Yasue Ito playing the violin, Laura Pierazzuoli on cello and Pino Zingarelli on drums, percussion and to the various electronic devices. The inspiration of the disk raised from film and literature, and for each piece is STALTERI himself to declare the source that has moved his creative verve. Cornerstone of this recording is the Selika Suite, divided between a prologue and six movements. The title refers to an epic film that the director Ivo Illuminati (a forgotten hero of silent films rediscovered only in recent studies) shot in 1921. Written on commission of Ministry of Culture of the town of RIPATRANSONE (place of birth of Illuminati), the Suite was performed by STALTERI for the first absolute time (in a version for Solo Piano) in August 1997 and has now been recorded in an instrumental form most far-reaching but equally happily inspired. The piano in the solitude of Fiordiluna, defined by the author as an improvisation, makes instead honour to Michael Ende and his "Never-ending story”. Raederle is a tribute to minimalist American writer Patricia A. Mckillip (" The Lord Of puzzles "), while with Tinker Bell we are back to tradition and to Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. æon Flux (the reference is to the sci-fi animated series designed by Peter Chung in the 1990s) is a theme of rare beauty underlined by the violin of Yasue Ito and classical piano phrases. The sharp and decadent cadences of Trinity directly refer to the universe of "Matrix" and to the Brothers Wachowski. In a fantasy context like this could not miss, right in the final album, a reference to the "Lord of The Rings" of Tolkien (Galadriel). STALTERI signs a stylistically diverse and structurally complex work, that could reserve more than a surprise while listening at.

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Yasue Ito violin
Laura Pierazzuoli cello
Arturo Stàlteri piano Fazioli F228, sampled piano, harpsichord, electronic keyboards, classical guitar, bouzouki, voice
Pino Zingarelli drums, percussion, bass, electronics, tender keyboard (Selika - Suite I Movimento), Fujiko Strings (Selika - Suite V Movimento)

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