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Arturo Stàlteri suona Battiato
IN SETE ALTERE Arturo Stàlteri suona Battiato

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Eclectic pianist and composer, equally feeling at his ease with classical and contemporary music, but also among the first in Italy to mediate between rock and classical, Arturo Stàlteri dedicates this new piano work to the music of Franco Battiato, illuminating it in a whole new light. An original interpretation that starts from the first experiments of the Sicilian artist, till to the more recent productions.

IN SETE ALTERE is the homage of Arturo Stàlteri to the music of Franco Battiato: an itinerary that starts from the early sound experiments of the Sicilian artist, to more recent productions.
Battiato himself has followed and fully approved the work.
Ninety percent of the sounds that you hear on the disc is generated by Fazioli F228, and Yamaha C7 pianos, sometimes suitably "treated".
In addition to reworkings songs such as "Propiedad Prohibida" (from CLIC), "The Ocean of Silence" (from FISIOGNOMICA), "Caliti Junku" (from APRITI SESAMO) and others, there are two compositions signed by the binomial Battiato-Stàlteri: "Meccanica Due" and "The Instrumental Centro di Gravità Permanente" which appeared earlier respectively on FETUS and LA VOCE DEL PADRONE.
Battiato believed that in this reading the pianist has almost "recomposed" a few moments of the original parts.
The disc also contains a touching interpretation of "L’Egitto prima delle Sabbie": it is a new version (first recording) of the song that was Stockhausen Prize in 1978.
With IN SETE ALTERE Stàlteri is signing a remarkable job, placing the music of the composer of Milo in an area that knows no bounds, and illuminating it in a whole new light. Few can remain indifferent to the sounds ethnic-minimal of "Il vuoto", or the metaphysical proceed of "La Porta dello Spavento Supremo", to cite only two moments of the album.
Stàlteri collaborated with Franco Battiato since 2004, the year in which the Sicilian artist wanted him in his first television program, "Bitte, keine Réclame."
The same Battiato then offered him a role in the film MUSIKANTEN, presented at 62nd edition of the Venice Film Festival, and has recently involved him in his documentary ATTRAVERSANDO IL BARDO.

Arturo Stàlteri, from Rome, graduated in piano at the Conservatory of L'Aquila Alfredo Casella. He studied in Rome with Vera Gobbi Belcredi, in Paris with Aldo Ciccolini and attended, as regular student, the courses of Vincenzo Vitale and Konstantin Bogino.
Stàlteri began to be known with Pierrot Lunaire, one of the historic names of the progressive rock of the ‘70, a group that was able to mediate between rock classicism and with whom he recorded two albums.
Among other artistic collaborations : Rino Gaetano, David Sylvian, Carlo Verdone and Sonja Kristina.
In concerts he turns his attention also to not-classical authors. In his performances for piano solo you can hear, in addition to his compositions, pieces by Debussy, Schubert, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt ... and Sakamoto, Genesis, Sigur Ros, Glass, Mertens ...
Since 1988 he collaborated with RAI (National Italian Radio), for which he has been involved in numerous music programs. He is currently the voice of "Primo Movimento" and "Il Concerto del Mattino", for Radio 3.
He is often in jury in national and international competitions.
Many of his records have been published in Japan and Korea.
This is the fourth album on Felmay Records, after “Child of the Moon”, Half Angels” and “Flowers 2”.

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Arturo Stàlteri : Fazioli F228 and Yamaha C7 Grand Pianos, Samplers, Piano Treatments, Prophet on "L'Oceano di Silenzio"
Pino Zingarelli : Del Spooner Drums on "Caliti Junku"

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