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6 AUSTRALES - Eclipse - Nuevas canciones de Buenos Aires
Eclipse - Nuevas canciones de Buenos Aires

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The music of 6 Australes has its roots in the Río de la Plata region, but emerged in Berlin;
composed and performed by Argentinean and German musicians, brought together by the Tango. Musically they go beyond Tango, opening up to various forms of Latin-American music as for instance Milonga, Zamba, Chacarera, Bossa Nova or Candombe. Out of this joining they create their own distinctive style, that merges melodic passion with rhythmic diversity and - together with the poetic power of Sergio Gobi’s lyrics - enriches the tradition of Spanish-American song.

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1 La Lujanera 3:34
2 Perra 3:52
3 Plaza Cortazar 5:08
4 Trapalanda 5:34
5 Nerca y pelpa 2:17
6 La doiche vita 4:34
7 Apuntes de la Era Glaciar 5:19
8 Ipiranga 5:45
9 El carancho 4:28
10 Ejercicio 6:18
11 Eclipse 4:35
12 Odiseas 5:00
Bonustrack1 Chacarera de los 6 Australes 2:54
Bonustrack2 Nerca y pelpa (Remix) 2:18


Sergio Gobi: voice, percussion, charango
Christian Gerber: bandoneon
Juan Lucas Aisemberg: viola
César Nigro: guitars
Pablo Woizinski: piano
Rodolfo Paccapelo: double bass


CABIT - Tre Re dall'Oriente / La Stella Cometa
from CD "Unico Figlio"
30 March 2019 - h:21.00
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza
Barnasants Festival
Barcelona - Spain

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