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ADROVER Lisandro - Meets the Metropole Orchestra
ADROVER Lisandro
Meets the Metropole Orchestra

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Music & Words
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Composer, arranger and -most of all- bandoneon player extraordinaire Lisandro Adrover was invited to arrange his music for the string section of the famous Dutch radio orchestra The Metropole Orchestra. Fortunately their joint concert has been recorded and is now released on Saphrane. The spirit of tango cannot be in more capable hands. Parallel with his career as a musician, Lisandro Adrover [Argentina, 1945] also engaged himself in composing, arranging and conducting. This helped him establish a name for himself in the musical world, on both national and international levels. As a young boy he learned to master the bandoneon, and at the age of 14 he made his radio debut as a bandoneon player in a broadcast by a number of Argentinean radio stations. In the 1960s he played with the José Basso orchestra and performed on stage with people like Roberto Goyeneche, Leopoldo Federico and Susana Rinaldi, both as a musician and an arranger. In the same capacities he joined the orchestra of the famous maestro Osvaldo Pugliese in the late 1960s. From the early days of his career up to today he has done countless tours, both in Argentina and abroad. He also contributed to an impressive number of recordings by national and international orchestras, and played with well-known musicians like maestro Osvaldo Berlinghieri. As a composer Lisandro Adrover made music for many film scores and theatre productions. He also arranged and composed music for chamber and symphonic tango projects, one of them resulting in this album. Some of his own work has been recorded on albums such as Esencia y Despues, Buenos Aires 2004, and Tanguero. In 2004, Buenos Aires awarded him the freedom of the city for his cultural contributions and artistic achievements, both in his native Argentina and outside.

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1. Obertura (4:59)
2. Responso (4:45)
3. Candy (3:15)
4. Cascoteando el rancho (3:41)
5. Pauleada (4:03)
6. La Bordona (4:06)
7. Cuando tu no estás (4:00)
8. Recuerdo (3:54)
9.Yo soy aquel muchacho (3:19)
10. Berretín (5:22)
11. Los piolas del feca (4:22)
12. Evaristo Carriego (4:27)
13. Preludio a mi Viejo (7:32)
14. La Cumparsita (4:25)

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