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BALARU' - Gravure

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Balarù: those who love to dance in Piedmont dialect, an Italian North Western region. After years of travelling and playing around Italy and Europe, four young musicians decided to join the forces in a new musical project

After years of travelling and playing traditional dance music with different bands, around Italy and Europe, four young musicians (Andrea Beltrando, Francesco Cavallero, Andrea Lopomo and Ilario Olivetti) decided to join forces in a new common musical project: BALARU’ (those who love to dance in Piedmont dialect, an Italian North Western region).
BALARU’ set the goal of presenting, in the European Balfolk scene, the traditional dances of their land.

In September 2015 they started a work of field research, listening of old recordings and arrangements of the ancient popular melodies, in order to present an important and often semi-unknown traditional repertoire, with modern arrangements and some original compositions.

Some tunes from different areas of Piedmont (Val Chisone, Canavese, Val Varaita, Roero, Valli di Lanzo, etc.) and some original compositions (L'amore è.., Il Profeta, L'aiga verd, Crepuscolar) are arranged to be danced not only as typical Piedmont dances, but also as French and European ones.

They leave a trace of the path made with Gravure, (carving), to continue on the precious work done by many researchers that from the 60s ‘till now have revitalized wonderful melodies and songs taking them out from oblivion. The hope is to give new life to these melodies, making sure that they are still sung and danced at parties, for present and future generations.


1. Ciamo scusa - L'amore è
2. La femme d'un tambour, Polka di Quintino
3. La diana, Il profeta
4. Gentil galando, Valse à Fleuret
5. Courenta di Viù
6. Chanson d'un buveur
7. Mountava la marmitta, A la modde d'Archamoura
8. Vilain d'anglais, L'aiga verd
9. Dessur la fleur da lys
10. Chanter boire et rire rire
11. Brando a feu
12. Crepuscolar


Francesco Cavallero: hurdy-gurdy, vocals
Andrea Lopomo: bouzouki, tenor banjo, vocals
Ilario Olivetti: flutes, bagpipes, clarinets
Andrea Beltrando: diatonic accordions


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