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After 38 years of honorable career,
Banda Osiris realized of never having recorded a brass band music album.
The moment came.
And it was Funfara

In this CD (for the first time mostly instrumental), BANDA OSIRIS deals with the purely traditional Italian popular brass band language that has influenced much of the music of the country (from Nino Rota to many others). A language on which the band members have formed, and now try to modernize and actualize into a sort of soundtrack, of an ideal imaginary story, able to create free associations to images and scenes for theatrical pieces, or movies.

The CD program includes Oggi un giorno del '44, a completely reinvented version of Bella Ciao to be considered a kind of Alternative National anthem, several instrumental pieces, including an Italian version of Greek sirtaki, and two songs: a satirical environmentalist one (Acquedotto Oleodotto) and Noi siamo le canzoni (We are the songs) giving voice to the hard life of the rejected songs (the famous B-side) those always discarded, shelved, in other words a protest song, to close the recording.

The album collects several original compositions recorded with the band of Filiano (in the Southern region of Basilicata), where the mix of sounds perfectly matches their spirit: a folk sound, honest, raw and powerful, but at the same time melodic and lyrical. With the Banda di Cavenago and Agrate Brianza (in the deep North of Italy) BANDA OSIRIS recorded the singing part of the repertoire.

The ambitious idea that led to the conception of this recording was a desire to give new life, new repertoire, and a new way of considering the long Italian tradition of marching band’s repertoire, mixing it with current and more modern arrangements.

All merged with the always brilliant spirit of this stainless quartet, which with Funfara celebrates the first forty years of activity.

BANDA OSIRIS is a group born in 1980 that favors the theatricality of music, especially mixing it with comedy, and whose greatest strength is given by the live moment. This is why recordings of their work can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

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