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BORDONARO Eleonora - Cuttuni e lamè
Cuttuni e lamè

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Cuttuni e lamé – Trame streuse di una canta storie
(“Bizarre weaving plots of a cantastorie”) is the first CD signed by Eleonora Bordonaro, who has realized it together with Puccio Castrogiovanni and the share of many musicians and authors. The spin conductor is the female universe and the affections to its legacies through stories that, from general, become intimate and personal. And the Sicily is there, as a background for these stories. Traditional songs or inspired to tradition, they talk about prejudices, widespread vices, peculiarities, doubts and dreams of Sicilian women. And then the focus restrict on the fact that many women reveal themselves in a single woman who observes and flies through imagination and sings. Therefore the musicality of the languages: the Sicilian one, an ancient way of speaking that it’s necessary to express all the shades of emotion; and Gallo-italic of Saint Brother (province of Messina),that is the fusion of dialects from the north Italy and from the south of France, with their cheerful melodies. And the whole screen-play develops through number of pictures of a skillful storyteller accompained by instruments such as marranzani sings, mandolins and other sounds, that fill all the sound with shades of blues and Latin, manouche, a thousand of original or ancient and bizarre plots.

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1. Sentimi Rosa
2. La tassa di li schetti
3. Tri Tri Tri
4. Lu cielu unni si tu
5. Li Fomni
6. Disisidiru mangiari jancu pani
7. Lamento di Maria
8. Passa passa ppi na strata nova
9. ‘A partita
10. Vuci
11. Cuttuni e lamè
12. E poi ci su i paroli
13. Ucch’i l’arma


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