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MAMUD BAND - Dynamite On Stage!
Dynamite On Stage!

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MAMUD BAND is back with a live CD. Three years after the seminal Afro Future Funk (Felmay 2013), MAMUD BAND consolidates its position among the afrobeat and afrofunk excellence in Italy, giving birth to a live album recorded, in November 2015, in the temple of black music in Milan: Biko Club. Dynamite On Stage!, this is the title of the album, taken from the review by Nigel Williamson for the British magazine Songlines "MAMUD BAND must be dynamite on stage!".
This recording, completes the triptych started with Opposite People in 2011, an album entirely dedicated to Master Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Three albums that could be considered three survey chapters of the Afrobeat genre, between tradition and modernity, all released by Felmay.

The CD includes a selection of five original songs (penned by band’s members) plus the personal reading of Mattress (a Fela Kuti composition), and the explosive remixes of Tangible Dream (Urge to Love) by Bruno Fiengo (aka B.) musician, songwriter and producer; and AFF (Afro Future Funk), a collaboration between Lorenzo Gasperoni and FANA (Stefano Greco), producer, DJ, and sound designer (Blau Studio).

In Dynamite On Stage!, MAMUD BAND in a smaller line-up displays the most savage and enthralling aspects of band sound and groove.

The themes, exposed by Marco Motta on alto and baritone saxes, merge with Marco Saletti’s voice and Giovanni Venosta solos on keyboards, Alberto Turra’s guitar, sustained by the intense tapestry of Lorenzo Gasperoni, Sergio Quagliarella, Jacopo Pellegrini rhythmic percussion, and the pulsating William Nicastro bass.

What caused all this? Dynamite. Above and below the stage, Enjoy the blast!

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Lorenzo Gasperoni : percussion
Jacopo Pellegrini : percussion & backing vocals
Sergio Quagliarella : drums & backing vocals
Marco Motta : alto e baritone sax
Giovanni Venosta : keyboards & backing vocals
Alberto Turra : electric guitar
William Nicastro : electric bass
Marco "Cisco" Saletti : lead vocals

Mr. Bobcat : lead vocals on track 7
Simone Maggi : trumpet on track 7 & 8
Paolo Profeti : alto sax on track 7 & 8


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