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ROMANO Edmondo - Missive Archetipe
ROMANO Edmondo
Missive Archetipe

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Ancient and modern acoustic sounds, musical genres mixed in a personal and expressionist way.Inside the CD the video track Vestire la tua pelle
This is his second work on the communication after the first chapter Sonno Eliso dedicated to Male-Female.
Missive Archetipe theme is the word, the word through poetry, story, memory … its growth over the centuries with the man, from his birth to the modern age. The hypothetical journey of man in his relationship with the outside world, birth, discovery of the word, communication in love, with his son, with animals, himself …
The instrumental tracks, intimate and always linked to images, are accompanied by poems such as Carme – A Lesbia by Catullus, Morite Morite by Jalal al-Din Rumi, Ninna Nanna from Ligurian tradition, Vestire la tua pelle by Charlotte Delbo.

Edmondo Romano plays many wind instruments: Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Musette, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Recorders, Chalumeau, Harmonic Flute, Tootles, Clarinet turkish, Shanai, Zurn, Mizmar, Mohozeno, Bansuri, Duduk, Bodhran.

In ’84 he founded Eris Pluvia (rock progressive) composing various theatrical soundtracks and recording in ’90 the album Rings of eatly light for the French label Musea. In ’92 he created the acoustic project The Ancient Veil, recorded for Mellow Records.
In ’94 he founded Avarta, a popular ethno-group in Italy, releasing 3 CDs : Terre, Cocci di Mare, Avarta. In this period he performings and recorded with relevant italian etno-folk groups: Charta de mar, Le Vija', Nadir , Finisterre, Filippo Gambetta, Max Manfredi, Giampiero Alloisio, Federico Sirianni. In 2004 he joined Orchestra Bailam in which he’s currently working.
He has collaborated for theatre with Adonis, Fernanda Pivano, Lina Sastri, Laura Curino, Mario Macario, Maurizio Maggiani, Don Andrea Gallo, Ugo Volli, Dario Vergassola, Mario Macario, Teatro della Tosse, Teatro Cargo...

Currently he works in etno/folk formations: Orchestra Bailam Orchestra.

He has collaborated also with Vittorio De Scalzi, New Trolls and the guitarist Armando Corsi.
He played and recorded with: Mario Arcari, Tony Esposito, Ares Tavolazzi, Elias Nardi, Antonio Marangolo, Ellade Bandini, Edoardo Bennato, Marco Beasley, Marco Fadda, Birkin Tree, New Trolls, Alessio Pisani, Silvio Peron, Claudio De Mattei, Danila Satragno, Andrea Zanzottera, Giovanni Lo Cascio, Gabriele Ferrero, Edward Neill and recorded soundtracks for cinema and tv with Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi. He recorded and arranged some songs in new album 'A Flutter And Some Words by Ingrid Chavez.

He is part of the Compagnia Teatro Nudo as musical director and co-signed director.
*Ancient and modern acoustic sounds, musical genres mixed in a personal and expressionist way.
*Inside the CD the video track Vestire la tua pelle

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Marco Basley, Simona Fasano, Lina Sastri, Laura Curino, Alessandra Ravizza voce
Edmondo Romano sax soprano, clarinetti, clarinetto basso, low whistle, chalumeau
Arturo Stalteri Elena Carrara, Fabio Vernizzi piano
Kim Schiffo: violoncello
Redouane Amir: fagotto
Vittoria Palumbo: oboe
Roberto Piga, Alessandra Dalla Barba, Gabriele Imparato violino
Riccardo Barbera contrabbasso
Marco Fadda percussioni
Max Di Carlo tromba
Gianfranco Di Franco flauto traverso, clarinetto in 3

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