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SCARAMANOUCHE - Voyager 2011
Voyager 2011

Fy 7041
Felmay Records
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The first CD of the group Scaramanouche, a quartet with guests ranging between genres, styles and eras, that proposes original versions of timeless songs.

SCARAMANOUCHE is a swing training chamber, which was founded in 2005 by Lucio Villani.
In Voyager 2011, inspired by numerous sources, including Johann Sebastian Bach, Django Reinhardt, Frank Zappa and Johnny Cash, you will find:
- Standard song from the 30’s – 50’s, properly arranged
- known classical pieces of rock, absolutely redefined
- Different periods of jazz, funk, country, waltz, vocal music, classical music, heavy metal, folk, blues, humor, quotes, and several dashes of Frank Zappa
16 tracks in all.

The style as it is understood in the sense sometimes also ideological in some areas of jazz, is something that the quartet SCARAMANOUCHE used only in relation to its components, all with a very different background. SCARAMANOUCHE is made up of musicians with a defined musical personality.
Draws and enjoys the atmosphere and typical instruments of jazz manouche , introducing the atypical Fender Rhodes.

In 2011, with the recording sessions of Voyager 2011, trying to capture one of the most harmonious and chamber music evolution reached by the quartet. Hence the title of the album. A balance between musicians, songs, feeling and arrangements. All garnished with very special guests, in particular the singers Andrea Belli and Marta Capponi.
The album disc is released today with the help of an enthusiastic crowdfunding campaign and the cooperation of Felmay.
The image of SCARAMANOUCHE was conceived and designed by Daniel Catalli.

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Augusto Creni guitar
Egidio Marchitelli guitars, effects
Stefano Lenci fender rhodes
Lucio Villani double bass and voice


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