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Matt DARRIAU Paradox Trio - with Bojan Z
Matt DARRIAU Paradox Trio
with Bojan Z

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CD of the Paradox Trio, band directed by Matt Darriau, woodwinds player known for his membership of the Grammy Awards Winner band,
The Klezmatics.
with aseries of original compositions blending the Balkan tradition
with Jazz.
* The CD will appeal the Jazz listeners, in particular to the Ethno Jazz stream, as well as the ones interested in the Eastern Europe traditions and those curios to explore the new shapes that traditional music is today taking.
The listeners and fans of artist such as David Krakauer, John Zorn,
Ivo Papassov, ...

DARRIAU is an all-round exceptionally talented woodwind player and artist. In this occasion he is together with his PARADOX TRIO, enriched by a special guest, the French-Serbian pianist BOJAN Z. (Zulfikarpašić). The outcome of this gathering is a Balkan jazz engraving, that enjoys a wide range of artistic creativity and freedom, exploring the borders of improvisation and the Eastern Europe musical traditions.

Committed as usual to saxophones and clarinets DARRIAU shows once again how deeply skilled he can be in the art of kaval (the Bulgarian folklore wooden flute) and gaida (the Bulgarian version of bagpipe) - listen and enjoy the final track October gaida. Extremely catchy melodies and overwhelming solos characterize this new production, capable of finding a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, team force and individual tensions.
The current structure of PARADOX TRIO counts among its components Brad Shepik at the guitar, Rufus Cappadocia, here playing the five chord cello, and Seido Salifoski at percussions and dumbek. This is a high quality New York formation blending Jazz and Klezmer, Celtic and Balkan tradition, playing in a contemporary and experimental key.
Founded by DARRIAU in 1991 after his relocation from Boston to New York, the ensemble influenced the Nineties downtown scene, always favouring Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms. The group boasts a fine production under the Knitting Factory label and Enja.
MATT DARRIAU is also renowned for his participation to groups such as Orange Then Blue, Klezmatics, Whirligig, Les Misérables Brass Band and the Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars . Among his latest discographic efforts Liquid Clarinets (2009, Felmay FY 8150) cannot pass unnoticed, realized with Ismail Lumanovski and Patrick Novara.

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Matt Darriau - saxes, clarinet, faux clarinet (#2), Bulgarian kaval (#5), Bulgarian gaida (#8)
Bojan Zulfikarpaši? - piano
Brad Shepik - guitar, Bulgarian tambura (#2,3,5)
Rufus Cappadocia - 5-string cello, baritone guitar (#2)
Seido Salifoski - dumbeks & percussion
and Katie Down - glass vessels (#2)

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