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BEV - Bonifica Emiliana Veneta - Materiali Tradizionali
BEV - Bonifica Emiliana Veneta
Materiali Tradizionali

Fy 8109
World Music

Dunya Records
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The return of BONIFICA EMILIANA VENETA with a new CD Materiali Tradizionali is an event of some importance, especially considering how long it has been since their last release, Variabile Naturale (2001, fy 8040).

Few records but a choice few, it could well be said of BEV’s discography. Indeed the group who first emerged on the scene in 1998 have only made, beside the above mentioned Variabile /Naturale, one other album 1999’s Apotropaica, although some of the members were previously part of another historic Italian folk outfit, La Piva dal Carner, two of whose albums, the estimable La pegra la mateina la bela e la sira la bala (nt 6735) and M’han presa, (fy 8001) are still available. BEV’s new offering Materiali Tradizionali, is the fruit of the labours of Claudio Pesky Caroli (double bass, vocals), Marco Mainini (vocals, guitar, piva, soprano sax) and Alessandro Mottaran (piva, mandoloncello, clarinet, vocals) together with two new arrivals Marco Dainese (viola, vocals) e Walter Sigolo (accordion, vocals) as well as a host of guest musicians who have all added their touch to the proceedings: double bassist Giorgio Panagin, folk accordionist Silvano Brancalion, percussionists Sbibu, Tiziano Negrello and Sergio Amabile (the latter also a member of La Piva dal Carner). On Materiali Tradizionali fans of this Emilian-Venetian outfit are treated to the familiar, deftly woven tapestry of vocal and instrumental arrangements which years of experience has pushed to new heights of perfection. The extremely varied variety of tracks abounds in surprises, discoveries, unearthings and reworkings, a testament too the enormous wealth and vitality of the Italian folk heritage which continues to turn up new treasures. After the anti-militarist prologue of Al quartiere d’Ungheria the album begins with a piva in A minor by Paolo Orlandi, a violinist from Parma who died in 1883, and continues with an invigorating array of dances, songs on various themes (sometimes in the from of instrumental reworkings) furlanes, strambottos, gigues, waltzes as well as an extraordinary folk dies irae played with all the pathos the group can muster. Materiali Tradizionali is infused with a strength and vigour that make it much more than simply another confirmation of this excellent group’s talents. It’s a record that marks another important chapter in the history of Italian folk music.

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Claudio “Pesky” Caroli: double bass & backing vocals
Marco Dainese: viola & backing vocals
Marco “Maino” Mainini: vocals, guitar, piva (bagpipe) & soprano sax
Alessandro Mottaran: piva (bagpipe), mandoloncello, clarinet and backing vocals
Walter Sigolo: accordeon & backing vocals

Sergio Amabile: tamburelli (1,9)
Silvano Brancalion: accordeon(4)
Tiziano Negrello: percussion (1,12)
Giorgio Panagin: double bass(5)
Sbibu: percussion (2,10,12)

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