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BAIN Aly & CUNNINGHAM Phil - Another Musical Interlude
Another Musical Interlude

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World Music

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On the last night of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham's 12th annual tour of Scotland, they played a storming concert at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness, Highland capital of Scotland. This is that concert. The repertoire is timeless, their music speaks to all ages.
The accompanying documentary shows behind the scenes footage and gives an insight in the relationship between Aly and Phil. More information can be found in the biography and discography on this dvd.

scottish tradition
Both Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham are well known Scottish folk artists.
Fiddle player Aly is deeply rooted in the Shetland tradition, accordionist Phil hails from the mainland. Both have performed all over the world with many musicians and -individually- were members of bands like The Boys of the Lough, Silly Wizard and Relativity. For twelve years they have toured Scotland as a duo, in the mean time recording several albums together. One of the performances during their 12th tour was filmed and the result can be seen on this dvd. The music is as important as the humoristic announcements, as becomes clear quite soon.
The result is more than an hour of good music.
The accompanying documentary Good Old Boys shows behind the scenes footage of this same tour, taking us to the Shetlands, Inverness and other places, including Aly's home, where the boys prepare a curry.
Individual interviews gives the viewer more information on the personalities of both artists. Finally the dvd is completed with discographies and biographies plus all the relevant weblinks.

special technical features
The direct-play system enables the buyer of this dvd to listen to the music without the need to turn on his tv system. After a few seconds the dvd will start playing the concert automatically and, if the player is connected to an audiosystem, the music can be enjoyed without the need to push any buttons'.
Aditi [Image] has chosen to release its dvds in NTSC, the American and Japanese tv standard. Most dvd players and tvs in Europe and other parts of the world however are able to translate this into the more common PAL

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1 Stella's Trip to Camloops • Memories of Father Angus Macdonald • Laird of Drumblair • Cambridge Hornpipe
2 Estonian Waltz • All Round the World and Back Again • La Bastringue
3 Sarah's Song
4 Charlie Hunter's Jig • The Mouse In the Cupboard • Rosewood
5 Annelese Bain • Phil Cunningham's Reel • Andy Brown's Reel
6 Bonaparte's Retreat
7 Shores of Loch B • Headlands • Floggin
8 Jig Runrig • Swedish Jig
9 Swedish Hymn • Norwegian Hymn • Louis Waltz
10 Logan Water
11 Flett for Flotta • Saol Iain NicUisdhean • The Drampire • Aly's Sound
12 Violet Tulloch Queen of Lerwick
13 The Auld Fiddler • Earl Mittens Breakdown
14 Margaret's Waltz • Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban • Fairy Dance
15 Sitting On the Stern Of a Boat


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