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GUIDUCCI Simone Gramelot Ensemble - Dancin' Roots
GUIDUCCI Simone Gramelot Ensemble
Dancin' Roots

Fy 7025

Newtone Records
1 CD

The skill and care alone that Simone Guiducci puts into crafting his productions, ensures that each new work by the guitarist is certain to contain more than its fair share of originality and surprises and in this his new CD Dancin’ Roots is no exception.
Here, as the title suggests, dance is the source of Guiducci's inspiration. Aided as usual by his trusty Gramelot Ensemble, he's put together another ten insidiously catchy tracks whose driving rhythms are sure to set toes tapping. Dance functions here as a kind of time machine, throwing out echoes both ancient and modern which Guiducci brilliantly employs to tell stories, awaken memories and rediscover roots to return to the present feeling freer than before. Guiducci's interest in his traditional material is once again much to the fore but in the form of a creative evocation rather than a tired retread. Almost from the get-go each track veers off into an improvisational fairground that eschews sterile rounds of soloing to focus on a more vital collective and tuneworthy dimension of music making, accentuating the music's depth of field as well as its historical and human context, rendering the CD as a whole much more than a simple exercise in style or gift box of refined harmonies.
Once again on Dancin’ Roots Simone Guiducci's music with its passional, intensely human charge has forged a world of sounds living in the now but with an ear to the future, an ear whose infallible sensibility has been honed by the knowledge, experience and sentiments of the past.
Over the years Guiducci has formed important musical partnerships with players of international renown and it's therefore no surprise to find musicians of the calibre of Don Byron on clarinet and Ralph Alessi on trombone filling out the canvas of Dancin' Roots.
Sure to please admirers of Guiducci's previous album Chorale, Dancin’ Roots offers yet further confirmation of the talent of a musician fast becoming an indispensable element of today's jazz scene.

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Simone Guiducci acoustic guitar
Fausto Beccalossi accordeon
Ralph Alessi trumpet
Achille Succi clarinet, bass clarinet
Don Byron clarinet
Roberto Dani drums, percussion
Salvatore Maiore acoustic bass
Andy Milne piano (track 5)

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