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TRI MUZIKE - En vegh pes marii
En vegh pes marii

Fy 8084
World Music

Dunya Records
1 CD

After their acclaimed 1999 debut Treo ( Dunya fy 8016) the long awaited new CD from Tri Muzike, does not disappoint, demonstrating the breadth of the group’s artistic visions and capturing them at the height of their interpretative powers.

Born from an onstage collaboration with Moni Ovadia, the band have gone through a number of lineup changes since their first album. Though the core remains Paola Lombardo on vocals, clarinettist, Patrick Novara and Massimo Marcer on trumpet, the new line up includes an additional member. Together with occasional contributions from a number of foreign guest players (Faisal Taher, Albert Mihai, Marian Serban) Tri Muzike’s now seven instrumentalists have held down their original mix of Mediterranean and Balkan sounds, as well as significantly expanding their repertoire.

Not by chance is the CD subtitled “A Mediterranean Voyage” alluding to their insatiable thirst for musical knowledge of an area they undoubtedly feel to be their own particular imaginary homeland, irrespective of nationhood. Un vegh pés marii (a strange ocean fish) features a number of lovely Bosnian melodies that swoon to the caresses of Paola Lombardo’s exquisite voice, as well as an amusing Oriental rumba of Greek origin, the galloping “Turkish” rhythms of the opening Kebap, and the northern Occitan strains of Triste es lo cèl in a jazz arrangement that foregrounds an intense interplay of voice and reeds. Then on to the two-parts Geamparale, a piece originating from Romania that begins in plangent, melancholic vein before metamorphosing halfway through into a joyous fanfare. The journey ends with a short visit to the island of Cyprus, a borderland par excellence, on To iassemi where the Mediterranean musical breeze dies down for an instant to make way for a more sensual sultry, Oriental mood.
A stylistic and sensory cornutopia, Un vegh pés marii, is sure to satisfy those in search of an equal music between invention and tradition.

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Antonio Pani percussion
Massimo Marcer trumpet
Agostino Ciraci double-bass
Patrick Novara clarinet, sax
Massimo Latronico guitar
Paola Lombardo vocal
Armando Ilario accordeon

Special guests
Faisal Taher vocal (7)
Albert Mihai accordeon(4,5)
Marian Serban cymbalon (4,5)

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