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DI BONAVENTURA Daniele - Bandoneon & Bandoneon
Bandoneon & Bandoneon

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Bandoneon & Bandoneon is a recording that surely will appeal and surprise the lovers of this instrument and more in general of Argentinean music for the original and unusual approach with a courageous attempt to free the instrument from the legendary tradition of the Tango.
DANIELE DI BONAVENTURA is doubtless the best Italian player of Bandoneon and thanks to his dexterity and sensibility as performer has been able to go beyond the mere presentation of the classical compositions of the tango tradition to approach jazz and folk music.

Bandoneon & Bandoneon is a journey that starts from the origins of this instruments to arrive till our days. Beginning with the presentation of less known compositions of Argentinean Maestros Astor Piazzolla (Jeanne y Paul, El penultimo, El viaje) and Troilo (Maria) to move towards more ethnic territories of tango-candombe, to arrive to new compositions by DI BONAVENTURA. These tracks are the strongest moments of the recording, with compositions as Canto al sole, Kyrie, Preghiera a mio padre DI BONAVENTURA shows not only his deep knowledge of the tradition but also his ability to mix it with personal verve giving birth to very original style.
The presence of piano and voice (Catia Violoni) in same tracks of Bandoneon & Bandoneon amplifies the variety of emotions and colors of the recording.

Born in Fermo, DANIELE DI BONAVENTURA has a background of classical studies, degree in piano, that began at the early age of eight. Later on he has direct his interest towards the improvised music taking part to the New Talents Band, conducted by Oliver Lake (1987) and David Murray (1988). After moving to the studies of the Bandoneon FI BONAVENTURA in 1994 has formed the group Felure Quintet.
He has collaborated with several different musicians in different contests, among the others with the sax player Enzo Favata (Voyage en Sardaigne, Atlantico) and Aires Tango (Poemas). At the moments beside solo concerts DI BONAVENTURA plays in duo with the percussionist Alfredo Laviano (with whom in 1996 recorded Improvisation) and the sax player Javier Girotto.

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Daniele Di Bonaventura, bandoneon, piano (4-5,8,10,13), arrangements
Catia Violoni, voice (10,11)

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