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AONZO Carlo TRIO  - Mandolitaly

CAT CD 002
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The famous mandolin player returns to travel, this time along the Italian tradition. Crossing the entire peninsula, Mandolitaly interprets the musical pages that symbolize the Bel Paese tradition in the world and the soundtrack of entire generations of Italians. The Trio's arrangements create new suggestions, enhancing the expressiveness of the Italian instrument par excellence, with unusual harmonies poised between past and present, with a taste for contamination between swing, jazz, complex rhythms and strong US and South American influences.

The Carlo Aonzo Trio (Carlo Aonzo on the Italian mandolin, Lorenzo Piccone on the acoustic guitar and Luciano Puppo on the double bass) is back, this time travelling along the Italian tradition to rediscover its peculiar soundtrack. Once again the main character is the mandolin which, in the personal unique modern and eclectic style of Aonzo, makes such repertoire surprisingly catchy and contemporary.
From Raffaele Calace to Domenico Modugno, passing through the Italian regions and the best Bel Paese song tradition, "Mandolitaly" breaks apart and casts a new light on the Italian music heritage: from the internationally known "Arrivederci Roma" and "Roma nun fa la stupida stasera" to the great historical fathers of mandolin as Carlo Munier for a taste of classical repertoire. All revisited and rearranged by the charming Trio style in a melting pot of musical genres.
And so "Volare" (Nel blu dipinto di blu) is mixed together with Jamaican reggae music, South American rhythms up to an intimate romantic atmosphere, while John Coltrane is imagined "tarantelling" in the streets of Naples... Exceptional Special Guests enrich the new album with their talents and sounds: extraordinary musicians as Claudio Bellato on guitar, Rodolfo Cervetto on drums, Antonio Marangolo on tenor sax, Ismaila Mbaye on African percussions, Fabio Rinaudo on bagpipes, Daniele Sepe with his saxophones, Ike Stubblefield on hammond organ, Riccardo Tesi on diatonic accordion, Riccardo Zegna on jazz piano.

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1. Nel Blu Dipinto di Blues
2. Ma Se Ghe Pensu
3. Baci in Quantità
-Ba Ba Baciami Piccina
-Un Bacio a Mezzanotte
4. Roma
-Arrivederci Roma
-Roma Nun Fa la Stupida Stasera
5. Mazurka Sentimentale
6. Marcia Eroica
7. Voce ‘e Notte
8. Taranta Steps
-Giant Steps
9. Da un Balcone Ungherese
10. Pagliaccio (Carosello)
11. Toccata in La Maggiore (Intervallo)
12. Nebbi’a la Valle (Amara Terra Mia)
13. Trinacria Suite
-Ciuri Ciuri
-Vitti na Crozza
14. Madunina On Broadway
-O Mia Bela Madunina
15. Clara’s Suite
-Oh, Katia !



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