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TRE MARTELLI - 40 gir  1977-2017
40 gir 1977-2017

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"40 gir" celebrates the 40 years of activity of Tre Martelli, the historic / seminal group of traditional Piedmont music. It collects unpublished live recordings from 1977 to 2017 and some studio recordings, also unpublished, specially made for this album. Between explosive live performances at major European festivals and more intimate studio performances, those who do not know the band will be able to discover them throughout their long history. Those who already know them will be able to enjoy unpublished tracks and complete an essential discography for any lover of traditional Piedmontese music.

TRE MARTELLI (seminal Northern Italian band) are a valuable point of entry to the musical traditions of Piedmont, because, over the years, they have patiently reconstructed the folk music heritage of the geographical triangle between Monferrato hills, Langhe hills and Alessandrino plain, with extensions into the mountainous Canavese and Quattro Province areas, gathering together a huge repertoire of drinking and ritual songs, ballads, instrumentals and dance music including brando, monferrina, curenta, burea, scottish, mazurka, waltz, polkas and many others. The quality and accuracy of its field work, and the attention given to stylistic variations in the area, together with energy and creative maturity of the band’s performances, have engendered enthusiastic audience response and critical acclaim, both at home and abroad. This has resulted in a huge increase in concerts, tours, performances in national TV’s and Radioes, not only in Italy but also in the most part of Europe.

This album was explicitly conceived for the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Tre Martelli.
It collects unpublished live recordings from their first 1977 concert through 2017 and some studio recordings specially released for "40 gir", including the title track in which the Piedmontese band show the "statement of intent" of their 12th album.
Extrapolating songs to be inserted in the space of a CD between hundreds of hours of live recordings over 40-year time was not easy and so it was preferred to privilege those unpublished in their previous albums with the exception of some "alternative versions" considered particularly interesting, but above all, as the band says:
"Emotional rather than technical factors prevailed. There is our history, memories, mistakes, sadness, joys, dreams. "
For those who do not know Tre Martelli, this cd will help to discover them synthetically throughout their history and their musical evolution.
Those who already know them will be able to enjoy songs never recorded earlier and complete an essential discography for any lover of traditional Piedmontese music.

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Renzo Ceroni - small bass, bass, guitars, mandolin, mandocello, voice
Enzo G. Conti - melodeons, harmonium, concertina, bass, violin
Paolo Dall'Ara - bagpipes, flutes, tachenèttes
Matteo Dorigo - hury-gurdy
Elisabetta Gagliardi - voice, piano
Vincenzo "Chacho" Marchelli - voice, fruja
Andrea Sibilio - violin, viola, mandolin, mandocello, double bass, voice
Betti Zambruno - voice
FORMER MEMBERS (in recordings):
Lorenzo Boioli - flutes, piffero, bagpipes, ocarina, dulcimer, percussion
Claudio Gigli - guitars, plectra, voice
Roberto Cavagnoli - cello, double bass, violin
Marco Goggi - percussion, flutes
Riccardo Maso - bass, guitar
Bernadette Da Dalt - voice
Franco Pierino - flutes, clarinet
Gianni Ricci - hurdy-gurdy, mandolin, voice
Paolo Lodici - flutes, bagpipe, clarinet
Simone Boglia - flutes, piffero
Rinaldo Doro - hurdy-gurdy
Giancarla Guerra - voice
Fernando Raimondo - hurdy-gurdy
Gianni Coscia - chromatic accordion
Riccardo Sibilio - snare and bass drum

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