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RE NILIU - In a Cosmic Ear
In a Cosmic Ear

World Music

Alfa Music
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From 1979 Re Niliu is a renowed group of world music, from Calabria, deep South of Italy. After twenty years of silence, here they are again with their incomparable sound that mix Calabrian tradition & instruments with rock, urban sounds and Mediterranean influences. In a Cosmic Ear is a visionary and fearless album between melismatic voices, bagpipes, lira, percussions and powerful contemporary music. Welcome back!

We tell the story of a cosmic Calabria, metaphor of all forward-moving Souths, to whatever corner of the world they may belong. The Calabria of our children. Then of our children’s children. Roots
that explore dreams. That find too, if they know how to look. We listen carefully to the sounds that have fallen into the mountain-stones and strive to forge new ones. From the last spark. All times
are all time, but we are aware that only the present exists. In a cosmic ear of white beaches, of orange and lemon trees. Not too far from that apparently restless shimmer, the sea. Black and silver in the night.

Re Niliu came to light in 1979 as a group seeking to bestow continuity on the peasant music of Calabria. This initially “philological” phase materialised as the album “Non suli e no’ luna” (1984)
where acoustic music and the use of traditional instruments were the keynote. The record “Caravi”(1988) ushered in a long period of experimentation where the outcomes of the group’s ethno-musical
research began blending with urban sounds and those of the “elective affinities” established with the musical traditions of other Mediterranean areas. “Pucambù” (1994) is the result of this long course of experience. Here, the band found its electric-acoustic balance and the album brought it international fame. A series of artistic vicissitudes followed leading to suspension of activity in 2001. In 2013 the band returned to record “In a Cosmic Ear”. This artistic project resumes the
discourse interrupted after “Pucambù”, twenty years previously.

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RE NILIU - Caravi


Cd Track list
1. PsicoSyla 5.08
(E. Castagna, S. Megna, D. Mellace)
2. A nuvula avant’a luna 3.50
(E. Castagna, D. Mellace)
3. Danza marranza 5.17
(E. Castagna, S. Megna, D. Mellace, D. Canzoniero)
4. Setta Pianeti 3.57
(E. Castagna, S. Di Giorgio, D. Mellace)
5. Mara Tundu 6.27
(E. Castagna, S. Di Giorgio, D. Mellace)
6. Metitura 4.45
(E. Castagna, D. Mellace)
7. In a cosmic ear 5.23
(E. Castagna, D. Mellace)
8. Pagai nu sonaturi 6.31
(E. Castagna, D. Mellace)
9. Strumbiota 5.32
(E. Castagna, S. Di Giorgio, D. Mellace)
10. Vesperata 2.32
(E. Castagna, S. Megna)
11. Zonaria 6.35
(E. Castagna, D. Mellace)
12. Lira e frittura di patate e peperoni sulla Statale 18 2.12


Ettore Castagna: vocals, zampugna, electric guitar, chitarra battente, malarruni
Bansuri, Pipita, lira, lira bassu, cerameddi a moderna, tambureddu, buttafuoco, effects
Mimmo Mellace: drums, tar, tianas, bendir, assorted pot & pans, tombak, tbel, metal sheets, zarb,shaker, sistra, xilophone, buttafuoco.
Salvatore Megna: lead vocals, zucu, chitarra battente
Enzo Tropepe: bass
Domenico Corapi: lead vocals
Gianpiero Nitti: diatonic accordion, keyboards, background vocals, fischiotti a paru.
Peppe Ranieri: ciarameddi a chiave, pipita

Nico Canzoniero: electric saz, bass, electric guitar, electric saz, drum machine, zurna and shakuhachi samples, synth bass, Polyvox (Iron Curtain synthesizer)
Abdullah Ajerrar: lead vocals, craqbl
Rocco Marchi: electric guitar, Eko Tiger, synth Korg Ms 10
Alessio Saglia: Wurlitzer, electric piano, synth bass, intercontinental telephone operator
Teresa Mascianà & Carmen Suraci, Giulietta Robberts: frying pip’e patati at Archi (RC)

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