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Liguriani are back with their new album "Stundai." The focus of the album is once again the music of their native Liguria, a land locked between the sea and the mountains. Among the songs in the coastal dialect and ancient dances of the surrounding mountains, the supergroup paints a fascinating and original musical fresco, due to their unmistakable sound. The disc will be presented with a long serie of concerts both in Italy and abroad, where the group has gained acclaim thanks to their exciting live act.

After the successful "Suoni dai mondi liguri" in 2011, Liguriani present their second album "Stundai", firm in purpose of giving more voice to the music of their native Liguria, musically depict with power and intimacy, celebration and elegy.
Ligurians are closed characters and this comes from the harshness and the thrift of their territory, but they are open as well because of that Mediterranean "inevitable" that they face. People singing when working at sea and dancing in the evening on the Apennines, the back exhaust for the work on an ungrateful earth. Men who sing the stories of their daily lives and those learned who knows where, perhaps by someone landed from the sea or in flight on the "Vie del Sale" up on the mountains.
This is the Liguria that Liguriani tell in this "Stundai."
Ten tracks collecting materials from the narrative ballads,
the songs and dances of the Four Provinces, war songs, music manuscripts of the Cathedral of Genoa.
As a glance from the sea towards the coast, Liguriani are painting the multiform universe of tradition, collecting it in a personal and unmistakable sound, enriching it with their own arrangements and some original compositions.
I Liguriani are a supergroup: each musician is an important individuality in the context of traditional Italian music and his skill contributes to the success of a sound as much explosive in dances as evocative in the more intimate pieces.

As a live act of great impact, Liguriani have succesfully performed in Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. In January 2012, the group performed in Glasgow, Scotland, at Celtic Connections, the most prestigious European festival dedicated to Celtic music. From 2011 to 2014, the group has held more than 70 concerts in Germany, participating to the most prestigious festivals (Rudolstadt Folk Festival, Rheingau Music Festival, Folk Konzerte WDR Koln), anywhere with great acclaim from audiences and critics.
The music of Liguriani was broadcast by RAI Radio 3 (live concert at the Music Room), ABC Australia, CBC Canada, Spain RTVES, WDR Koln, Bayerische Rundfunk, HR2O.

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Michel Balatti - flutes
Fabio Biale - voice, violin, percussions
Claudio De Angeli - guitar
Filippo Gambetta - melodeon, mandolin
Fabio Rinaudo - bagpipes

Guest : Stefano Valla - piffero

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