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VALLA Stefano & SCURATI Daniele - Per dove tu passi
VALLA Stefano & SCURATI Daniele
Per dove tu passi

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The Four Provinces are located in Northern Italy where the Apennines begin, between the Po Plain and the Ligurian Sea. On these mountains there is a long and rich musical tradition connected to the piffero, a double-reed popular oboe. Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati are the heirs of this tradition and will let you to discover, in this DVD, a unique and fascinating microcosm of dancers and dances, songs, ritual feast, musicians, ethnomusicologists and instrument makers.

Deeply linked to the territory of four provinces and in particular Cegni, country of Giacomo and Ernesto Sala (the most important piffero players of the last century), Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati are a direct continuation of the repertoire and the musical language of these musicians. Their activity is aimed at keeping alive the music and culture of oral tradition in this mountainous area and to promote the dissemination through festivals, concerts, workshops and conferences.
The duo is pursuing a dual parallel activity playing at parties in the countries of the Apennines, where the dance is still one of the key moments of aggregation (festivities , weddings, festivals, carnivals) and through exhibitions and musical events in Italy and abroad. At the same time, thanks to their attention to contemporary cultural stimuli, and through experiences in other areas of music (jazz, classical, song writing) interpret their music expresses its vitality and their belonging to their own time. In the area of distribution of piffero, still exists strong ties to the musical repertoire, a repertoire of traditional dances before the assertion of ballroom dancing, are part of it: giga, alessandrina, monferrina, piana, povera donna, the latter with ritual connotations and symbolic details.

The origins of Stefano VALLA’s family from the Apennine tied him deeply in this culture by allowing him to know the reality of traditional festivals and thus to grow in close contact with the music and dance of the calling of the four provinces (Northern Italy). From young age he begins to dance traditional dances such as the jig, the first monferrine spontaneously and then with the intention to know and then documenting different styles and shapes present in the area in question. The passion and the socio-cultural and historical awareness of the value of this musical heritage led him to the study of the piffero (a local variety of double-reed oboe), the main instrument of this repertoire.
Later on he become a student of Ernesto Sala, legendary player from Cegni and Andrea Taramla Domenichetti of Negruzzo.
In 1985, along with Andrea Masotti, bagpipe, and accordion player Franco Guglielmetti founded the group I Suonatori delle Quattro Province and recorded for Robi Droli Records.
In 1989 he joined the French group Une Anche Passe.
In 1991 he joints the historical Trallalero group, Squadra di Canto Popolare Val Polcevera with whom he recorded a CD.
In 2000 he began collaboration with accordionist Daniele Scurati with whom he participated in important festivals all over Europe, in television and radio broadcasts and recorded several CDs for Buda Musique.

Daniele SCURATI began his piano studies under the guidance of Maestro Pierantonio Meroni and then starts the study of the accordion. He has participated in national and international festivals. He has lectured on traditional music in Italy and abroad.
He collaborated with various musicians including Stefano Valla (with whom he regularly plays), Aldo De Scalzi, Enzo Draghi, Umberto Petrin, Kalman Balogh, Pascal Comelade, Guo Yue. He has several recordings

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