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AAVV - Tibet / Music of the Sacred Temples - Field Recording by Deben Battacharya
Tibet / Music of the Sacred Temples - Field Recording by Deben Battacharya

EUCD 2325
ARC Music
1 CD

Deben Bhattacharya (1921-2001) was an important musicologist, producer of hundreds of films and radio programs, told the audience that the intrinsic beauty and diversity that characterize the different musical cultures in the world. "Tibet - Sacred Music of the Temples" is a valuable historical monument dedicated to sacred music-music of Tibetan temples. The sacred music of the monasteries of this country is made up of songs and recitations of religious songs and teachings of the great masters of the past. The songs consist of the same teachings of the Buddha and also in the interpretations that they give the most eminent scholars. This has given rise to a wide theological literature and the emergence of many sects who follow the path indicated by a particular teacher. "Tibet - Sacred Music of the Temples" offers the listener a beautiful sacred songs interpreted using traditional instruments including dung-chen (cone-shaped trumpet), gyaling (with a double reed wind instrument), ROLM (large cymbals), tilpo (bell made of bronze and brass) and nga (drum with two heads). The album comes with a booklet with interesting information about Tibetan culture, music and various instruments used.

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