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AAVV - Atlante di Musica Tradizionale - Italia 4 - Roots Music Atlas
Atlante di Musica Tradizionale - Italia 4 - Roots Music Atlas

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Felmay Records
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It has been nearly seven years since the creation of "Italia 3" our latest anthology dedicated to traditional music and in the meantime the general situation of the Italian music market (and worldwide) has drastically worsened. The reasons are probably due to a number of causes which have occurred to engage in a moment of severe crisis in general and the process of change underway in this sector is under everyone's eyes. Nevertheless, with the creation of "Italia 4" we are delighted to announce and confirm that "our" music is alive, is in excellent health and continues to pay off.
In 2011 we celebrate the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the Italian Unity and we’d like to give our small contribution and present you a new musical journey that crosses the territory from north to south, focusing on those micro linguistic and musical diversities that make up the great musical and artistic heritage that we are all proud of and that we defend at all costs.

In the album you can find the Northern sounds of YO YO MUNDI exploring their homeland, LOU DALFIN, GAI SABER and TROBIARITZ d'OC with their very different and original interpretations of the Occitany valleys traditions. From Liguria Filippo GAMBETTA and LIGURIANI with their instrumental versions of a land in-between sea and mountains, a confluence of various styles and the vocal genre of trallalero here in the GRUPPO SPONTANEO TRALLERO revitalization of an ancient repertoire.
From Central Italy the orchestral sounds of BANDA OLIFANTE or GATTAMOLESTA with their power folk deeply inspired by the close Balkan tradition, influences we can also find in South Italy groups such as MUNICIPALE BALCANICA. From the same region (Apulia) the vocal experiments of FARAUALLA, the new tradition of ROSAPEDA or the revival sounds of UARAGNIAUN. From the very end of Apulia come the tarantellas & pizzicas dance songs presented by Antonio CASTRIGNANO'.
On the side of Italy, form the lands surrounding Naples come LA MORESCA, a real revivalist band, the powerful voice of Massimo FERRANTE and, in their version of a legendary opera aria from Verdi's La Traviata, the NAPOLI MANDOLINORCHESTRA.
In a mixture of East and West we have included the project LIQUID CLARINETS (Matt Dariau, Patrick Novara & Ismail Lumanovski) with their very personal version of a very popular tarantella dance tune.
Last but not least our main islands: Sicily with its brass band tradition of BANDA di AVOLA that meets the songwriter voice of Mirco MENNA and Sardinia with the velvet voice of Franca MASU and her Catalan lyrics.
Welcome to Italy!!

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"Corde Pizzicate" Festival
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