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AAVV - Traveller Piper - A celebration of the Piping Tradition of Johnny and Felix Doran
Traveller Piper - A celebration of the Piping Tradition of Johnny and Felix Doran



The legacy of the Doran brothers is best reflected in the profound influence which their incredible piping has had on subsequent generations of musicians. Piping luminaries such as Davy Spillane, Paddy Keenan and Finbar Furey all cite the Dorans as sources of inspiration and that extraordinary influence remains undiminished today. The travelling style of piping often refers directly to the Doran legacy. Traveller Piper features material filmed at the Doran Centenary Tionól which took place at Spanish Point in April 2008 and includes contributions from Finbar Furey, Paddy Keenan, Mickey Dunne, Mick Coyne, John Rooney and Leo Rickard. A series of interviews and performances details the lives of these extraordinary musicians and their rich contribution to Irish traditional music. The Doran brothers were brought up in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow and are direct descendents of the great 19th century travelling Wexford piper John Cash. Johnny died tragically in 1950 aged only 42 but fortunately the Irish Folklore Commission had made recordings of his music in 1947, a year before he was struck down by an accident. These recordings were published by NPU in 1988. Felix Doran spent his early years as a travelling musician, performing extensively all over Ireland before settling down in Manchester in the 1960s. He died in 1972. Recordings of Felix made in the 1960s were published by Topic Records (Felix Doran, The Last of the Travelling Pipers) four years after his death.

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Pat Boderick
Mick Coyne
Joe Doyle
Mickey Dunne
Finbar Furey
Paddy Keenan
The kelly Family
Michael O'Connell
Leo Richard
John Rooney


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