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AAVV - Relaxing Music inspired by the Ocean
Relaxing Music inspired by the Ocean

SA 399
Super Audio (Madras)
1 CD

The golden sands, the silver-crested waves, the limitless expanse of blue, the inviting cool breeze ... the very moment you approach the ocean you feel a sense of release. Dawn when the sea is aglow with the golden orb of the sun and Night when it is crowned by the star- spangled sky are glorious spectacles that free man from all pettiness. «Sound of Nature – Ocean» captures the moods of the sea, its mysterious silence, its beauty at dawn , its sparkle and vigour, its coool, energising touch and it awe-inspiring magnificence so as to calm the mind and lead it to vaster horizons. The sounds of the criss-crossing waves are interwoven with the lyrical graces of the bamboo flute in all its varied moods as well as the strains of the Santoor and Piano. Peace, joy, release from the stress, a sense of the passing nature of things and thus a liberation from tje ephemeral into the everlasting ... these are the effects of this album which is a sparkling wave of melody and harmony arising form the ocean of music

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AAVV - 36° Festival Interceltique de Lorient


1. The mysterious begining
2. A awakening light
3. Cool shades on the shore
4. Towards the confluence
5. Moonlight serenata
6. Diving into the deep
7. Dancing with the dolphins
8. The new dawn


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