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DENISSENKOV Vladimir - Bajan

Fy 8002
Dunya Records
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On this CD Vladimir Denissenkov, Russian accordionist, brings us Eastern European music, both popular and original pieces, which he plays with great dexterity and passion, including typical dances from the Soviet Union, such as Utuschka lugovaia, a popular melody of Central Russia played at parties, Orovada, made up of four musical themes, played during the Spring festivals, and Mashenka, six merry and playful melodies from Western Russia, characterized by the beauty and originality of the harmony. Polosinka, on the contrary, is a sad popular melody of the Volga region which was traditionally sung by the young maidens as they accompanied the bride to the wedding. Sonata no.1 (Finale) was written by the famous Soviet composer, N. Ciaikin, who also wrote several concertos and sonatas for the Bajan. From the Romanian tradition we have Kolo di Primavera, dance music consisting of three themes with the typical rhythms of the Carpathians. Finally, the Waltz in C sharp minor by F. Chopin.

The purity of sound, the agility, the energy released and the interpretation make each cut a masterpiece and create an atmosphere charged with that pathos which is proper to the Russians and which draws the listener into the deep breathing of the Bajan.

Bajan is a Russian instrument close to the accordeon. it takes its name from a legendary story-teller of the X century. The instreument has arrive d in Russia from central Europe and here was perfected at the end of the XIX century in Tula to adapt it to the needings of the typical melodies of the Russian repertoire.

Svetlana Denissenkova, Maria Colegni and Moni Ovadia on vocal  and Janos Hasur, violinist from Budapest, collaborated with Vladimir in this recording. They deliver the popular songs of love and daily life from various countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia) with remarkable intensity. Stojana tells of a mother who is grieving over the death of her children, Tiomno - Vishniovaia “Shal” of a scarlet shawl, gift from her lover who betrays her. Oi Cii To Kin Stoit is the story of  young maid who rejects a gentleman who wants her, but only for one night. In Pe Deal Pe La Cornateli  the rural themes are interlaced with passionate love, as expressed in the following lyrics:

“As the cow follows its calf and the sheep follows its lamb, so does yearning follow love.” Sore lume is a parable about life, seen from the eyes of the Lautari (gypsy musicians from Eastern Europe)

Vladimir Denissenkov graduated in Moscow where he recorded several records with various groups and appeared on numerous television shows which were very popular. He has toured all over the Soviet Union, most of Europe and the Americas, and won prizes in several international contests.

Vladimir has been living in Italy for some time now and has given solo concerts and played with various bands. He entered the world of theatre through Moni Ovadia’s TheaterOrchestra and participated first in “Madre Coraggio di Sarajevo”, and currently in “Il caso Kafka”. He played on Fabrizio De André’s latest CD, Anime Salve and on Maria Colegni’s Sore Lume, on which he did the arrangements.


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Vladimir Denissenkov - Bajan
Svetlana Denissenkova - voice
Maria Colegni - voice
Moni Ovadia - voice
Jànos Hasur - violin


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