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AAVV - The Soul of percussion (Amampondo, Mokhtar al Said, Mahmoud Fadl, ...)
The Soul of percussion (Amampondo, Mokhtar al Said, Mahmoud Fadl, ...)

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Global Fusion
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'The Soul of Percussion' mainly focusses on european or european based musicians. They take us on a musical and fantasy-stimulating journey around the globe which starts in small village in the northern part of Germany, then delves deep into the African soul, subsequently pays tribute to the Indo-Arabic art of ornamentation, and ultimately brings us back to our starting point via the Andalusian flamenco.

Common to all 13 titles on this journey of rhythm is an ability to communicate without words - music is a universal language. Listeners suddenly become dancers. Rhythm itself is a dancer !

Gemeinsam ist allen 13 Titeln dieser Rhythmusreise, daß sie - Musik ist eine universale Sprache !? - ohne Worte auskommen, und daß sie den Hörer zum Tänzer werden lassen: Rhythm is a dancer !

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AAVV - 36° Festival Interceltique de Lorient


1. Dull Dull: Drummer's Delight 4.45
2. Quinta Feira: Stop Baião 2.55
3. Ayo Nelson-Homiah: Doun' Doum Ba 4.02
4. Dénagan Janvier Honfo: Sakete 3.17
5. Ifang Bondi: Sabar 1.26
6. Amampondo: Collective for Changuito 7.27
7. Pedro Weiß' Waraba Percussion: Mandana 2.33
8. Bhavani: Neeru 2.59
9. Mokhtar Al Said feat. K. Henkish: Tabla Solo 1 2.42
10. Sayed Balaha: Hamada 5.16
11. Mahmout Fadl: Karachi 1.56
12. Los Activos: Caña 3.28
13. Global Drummer : When the stars fall down, we are on top 5.17


from CD Ye Katama Hod
02 February 2018 - h:18.00
Arturo Stalteri Low &Loud tour
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