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The Prélude is one of the freest and most concise forms of European classical music, and had the attention of many important composers. Among others: Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Alexander Scriabin and Dmitry Shostakovich. Due to the extreme freedom and conciseness that this form grants the composer, ARTURO STALTERI has chosen the prélude as a musical form around which build the repertoire of his new record. This mew album consists in twenty-three new original compositions in the form of prélude, presented mostly in solo and duo piano, with several guests, such as the violin Yasue Ito, the flute and the voice of Federica Torbidoni, the Guido Landucci santoor, the piano and the electric guitar of Michele and Matteo Gioiosa, the harpsichord of Alessandro Buca, the Lunar Machines of Pino Zingarelli and Annalisa Teodorani, young and talented poet, who signed three texts, and her narrato.

While normally the classical repertoire consists of 24 tunes (12in major keys, and 12 in minor), STALTERI here limited to 23 official tracks (plus a bonus track), divided between (major and minor).
In conceiving his Préludes, STALTERI sometimes is inspired by the world of literature, as in Fils de naufragés inspired by a poem of Breton Xavier Grall; Eowyn by the classic e trilogy of J. R. R. Tolkien; Gli artigli di Cat Woman is dedicated to the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger; Everyone picked strawberries by Joseph Roth, while Il sogno di Lydea was inspired by the writings of Patricia Mc Killip. Among other sources: the land of eternal youth (Tir Na Nog) and the astronomical phenomenon of the electromagnetic signals emitted from galaxies (Red Shift).
With this new record ARTURO Stalteri offers a work of great depth, transporting us irresistibly into his fantasy world.

Arturo STALTERI, from Rome, graduated in piano at the Conservatorio Alfredo Casella of L'Aquila. He studied in Rome with Vera Gobbi Belcredi, in Paris with Aldo Ciccolini and attended as active student, master classes by Vincenzo Vitale and Konstantin Bogino. Stalteri began to be known with Pierrot Lunaire seminal band of the Italian progressive rock of the seventies, a group that was able to mediate between rock and classical, with whom he recorded two albums. Among other artistic collaborations: Franco Battiato, Rino Gaetano, David Sylvian, Carlo Verdone and Sonja Kristina. He plays a lively concert activity turning its attention to authors extra-cultured area. In his performances for solo piano are heard, in addition to his compositions, both pieces by Debussy, Schubert, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, which Sakamoto, Genesis, Sigur Ros, Philip Glass and Wim Mertens.
Since 1988 he collaborates with the RAI (Italian National Radio) for which he has conducted several musical programs. It is currently the Primo Movimento and il Concerto del Mattino voice, on Radio 3. He is often in the jury for national and international competitions. Many of his recorded works have been republished in Japan and Korea.

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1) Lascia le Spine alle Rose
2) Come la Neve
3) Fils de Naufragés
4) Eldfell
5) Éowyn Subliminal Intro
6) Éowyn
7) Lightyears
8) Tsuki
9) Fleurs
10) Ali e Radici
11) Tir Na Nòg
12) Gli Artigli di Cat Woman 13)
Il Sogno di Lydea
14) Prélude-Impromptus
15) Il Respiro del Vento
16) Geyser
17) Inverno Nuit d’Étoiles
19) Seduta nel Buio
20) What I’ve done, ce que Je ne ferai pas (2.49)
21) Prélude
22) Everyone picked Strawberries
23) Red Shift


Arturo Stàlteri : Yamaha C7 Grand Piano (all), Piano Treatments (8,19), Percussion (17), Feline Exploits (12), Electronics (23)

Alessandro Buca : harpsicord (23)
Matteo Gioiosa : electric guitar (12)
Michele Gioiosa : Yamaha C7 Grand Piano (23)
Yasue Ito : violin (17)
Guido Landucci : santoor (12)
Annalisa Teodorani : spoken voice (1,10,19)
Federica Torbidoni : flute (4), wind voice (15)
Pino Zingarelli : lunar machines (8)


from CD Ye Katama Hod
25 March 2017 - h:21.00
I Liguriani
Piccolo Teatro del Baraccano
Bologna - Italy

30 March 2017 - h:20.00
I Liguriani
Krems an der Donau

02 April 2017 - h:21.30
Arturo Stàlteri, piano solo
in sete altere

Bravo Caffè - Via Mascarella 1 Bologna
Tel: 051.266112 Cell: 333.5973089
mail: info@bravocaffe.it

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