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AAVV - Master of Their Craft
Master of Their Craft

TACD 3039
1 CD

Masters Of Their Craft is a compilation release on the Tara Music label containing eighteen tracks from some of the foremost artists and groups in the world of Irish music.
Over the last thirty years Tara Music has been privileged to have recorded and worked with artists such as Clannad, Planxty, Shaun Davey, Stockton’s Wing, Christy Moore, Moving Hearts and many more. This compilation portrays these artists performing at their best, with their music spanning genres from World Music to Contempory Irish and Folk.
Much of the music on this album has successfully pushed the musical boundaries of Irish traditional music to a more contempory level. This would be depicted by composer Shaun Davey composing music for Irish Uilleann Pipes and Orchestra, or Andy Irvine for the introduction and integration of Bulgarian dance tunes into Planxty’s repertoire, or the fusion of Irish and Spanish pipes music with Liam O’Flynn and Carlos Núñez……. the examples are many.

This album contains tracks from: master uilleann piper Liam O’Flynn with An Droichead (The Bridge) featuring Mark Knopfler, and composed for the inauguration of Ireland’s Presedent, Mary McAleese. Top Galician piper Carlos Núñez also features with Liam on Muiñeira de Poio / Muiñeira de Ourense. Ireland’s first supergroup Planxty recorded two outstanding albums on the Tara label which included the tracks The Good Ship Kangaroo and Smeceno Horo.
Leading Irish composer Shaun Davey is represented with Dia Do Bheathasa and May We Never Have To Say Goodbye from the music he composed for the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics in Ireland in 2003.
One of the first artists to record on the Tara label was a young folk singer by the name of Christy Moore with songs like The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man and Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair. Another supergroup to record for Tara was the family group from Donegal - Clannad, and here they perform An tUll and Mhórag's Na Horo Gheallaidh. Whistle player and piper Davy Spillane made his name with Moving Hearts before recording a number of solo albums for Tara, here he is joined by Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas for Daire's Dream and Atlantic Bridge.
World renowned Stockton’s Wing perform their first big hit song Beautiful Affair and a rousing set of tunes The Rossclogher Jigs. The enchanting voice of the often underrated Rita Connolly presents Ripples In The Rockpools and Amiens, both composed by Shaun Davey
Also included are tracks by the innovative Moving Hearts performing The Storm and the superb fiddle and guitar duo Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn with Jack Palance's Reel.

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AAVV - 36° Festival Interceltique de Lorient


(1) The Storm - Moving Hearts
(2) Ripples In The Rockpools - Rita Connolly
(3) Smeceno Horo - Planxty
(4) The Rossclogher Jigs - Stockton's Wing
(5) Dia Do Bheathasa - Shaun Davey
(6) An Droichead (The Bridge) feat Mark Knofler - Liam O'Flynn
(7) The Good Ship Kangaroo - Planxty
(8) Daire's Dream feat. Bela Fleck & Gerry Douglas - Davy Spillane
(9) An tUll - Clannad
(10) The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man - Christy Moore
(11) Muiñeira de Poio / Muiñeira de Ourense - Liam O'Flynn
(12) Amiens - Rita Connolly
(13) Mhórag's Na Horo Gheallaidh - Clannad
(14) Atlantic Bridge feat. Bela Fleck & Gerry Douglas - Davy Spillane
(15) Beautiful Affair - Stocktons Wing
(16) Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair - Christy Moore
(17) Jack Palance's Reel - Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn
(18) May We Never Have To Say Goodbye - Shaun Davey


Moving Hearts
Rita Connolly
Stockton's Wing
Shaun Davey
Liam O'Flynn
Davy Spillane
Christy Moore
Nollag Casey & Arty McGlynn


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