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LORENZO Juan - Flamenco de Concierto
Flamenco de Concierto

Fy 3013
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Flamenco de concierto is the new record by JUAN LORENZO, guitarist of Spanish origins can boast great successes as few others in his genre can. His career is both rich in countless live solo concerts performed in any corner of the planet as well as prestigious collaborations with guitarists (as in the duo recording with Flavio Sala, Encuentro, Felmay 3011) and with cantors and bailaores, or pop music stars such as Gipsy Kings, Jethro Tull, Pino Daniele. This last production focuses on a peculiar aspect of flamenco guitar, devoted entirely to the concerts’ repertoire, therefore not complementary to cante and baile. This can be considered a fairly new tradition, tracing a line bonding Ramon Montoya, who lived across 800s and 900s, down to Paco de Lucia. The result is a transversal setting for guitar flamenco, that on one hand has lost part of its folk features, and on the other it has gained credits from artists and audience of different musical background such as jazz and classic music. In Flamenco de concierto JUAN LORENZO offers us, with the usual faultless technique and style, a selection of the main genres forming the flamenco music universe. From solea (belonging to the cante jondo family) to the magnetic rhythm of the andalusian alegrias, from the tiento y tango to the bulerias (complemented by palmas and cajón), from the structural complexity of fandango to the harmonious beauty of guajira of Cuban origins, to finish off with a granadinas that used to move even the compositional interest of Isaac Albéniz (in Asturias). JUAN LORENZO refined and aware exploration of this musical subject always brilliant, multifaceted, endlessly revealing new sound perspectives. By taking away flamenco from its typical folklore, LORENZO gives it back to a new life, without betraying its concept or overturning its contents in the name of questionable contaminations. In this cd we can find also some guest musicians: José Salguero, Julio Gomez (palmas), Dario Carbonell e Toni Esposito (cajón).

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LORENZO Juan - Flamenco de Concierto

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