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FERRANTE Massimo - Jamu

Fy 8158
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Following the astonishing U Ciucciu (fy 8090) in 2005 and Ricuordi (fy 8113) in 2006, here is the latest original release by MASSIMO FERRANTE. With Jamu, his commitment in researching the musical and social reality in Souther Italy is renewed. His unmistakable style and his unquestionable unique 12 strings guitar sound, mark this recording characterized by bold matchings. The first and last tracks stem out from the celebrated poem (divided in two sections) by Ingnazio Buttitta, Lingua e Dialettu, transformed in song thanks to the arrangement and the generous music interventions by Antonello Paliotti (classic guitar, bandoneon, mandolin, bass). The cue is given by the infamous lyrics (Un popolo / mettetelo in catene / spogliatelo / tappategli la bocca, / è ancora libero) (People, even if in chains, naked, silenced are still free), not less tough is the following verse (Un popolo / diventa povero e servo / quando gli rubano la lingua / ricevuta dai padri: / è perso per sempre)(People become poor and slave when the language given by its fathers is stolen: then is lost forever). Always by Buttitta are the lyrics of Lamentu pi la morti di Turiddu Carnivali, dedicated to the trade union leader killed by the Sicilian mafia in 1955, that FERRANTE interprets with the Catania guitar. An important recovering is Strina du judeo, a traditional chant of Calabria, here proposed with beautiful variations by Ferrante with Lutte Berg at the electric guitar, Lello Perarca bass and Enrico Del Gaudio drums. Strine are the traditional Christmas Carols, but this one is marked by caustically raging tones against civil and religious institutions. Ari cincu on the other hand is a joggese chant in a brass band style, in which Francesco Banchini clarinet performs. We carry on with the bitter and ironic Ha detto De Gasperi a tutti i divoti, interpreted by Ferrante in Black and white, following the ballad singer fashion, and with Tu compagno, originally by Canzoniere delle Lame, that Ferrante dedicates to all nowadays left winged politicians and to which Lutte Berg wittingly adds some sound “effects”. Again the Swedish born guitarist with Calabria born father is responsible for the crafty jazzy ‘U monacu. A solid Tarantella cannot be missed (Tarantella Minore), FERRANTE doesn’t leave out the Occitane minorities from Guardia Piemontese, in the Cosenza province, presenting here a surreal song in Lingue D’Oc (La piov e la fa soulelh) .

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FERRANTE Massimo - Jamu
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