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BIRKIN TREE - A Cheap Present
A Cheap Present

Fy 8009
Dunya Records
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Three years after their successful debut with Continental Reel (Newtone Records - Nt 6753) the BIRKIN TREE are back in the studio to record their new album A Cheap Present.
In the hiatus between the release of their two CDs, the BIRKIN TREE have gone even further out on their unique musical limb, becoming the leading exponents of Italian Celtic music as well as one of the most interesting examples of a non-Irish Celtic group.
This new CD sees the BIRKIN TREE after almost twenty years of activity going from strength to strength and continuing to expand their musical horizons. Along with a plethora of traditional material the group have gathered from time spent hanging out with Irish folk musicians, the album also has room for several original compositions. So as well as the kind of well known songs one is likely to hear during a typical live session, some numbers will likely sound completely unfamiliar to the local players.
The group’s instrumentation revolves around four musicians who alternate between soloing and collective playing. The result is a tight, cohesive sound to which is added the fifth voice of a harp. The vibrant rhythms and harmonies come from both harp and guitar picking, as well as percussion and keyboards.
Another aspect of the Birkin Tree’s originality comes from their arrangements. The group have always made a point of respecting the spirit of tradition; None the less, the virtuosity of the musicians along with their own cultural roots gives the sound a flavor all its own, a sound whose harmony has a touch of the Mediterranean about it which inflects all the songs present on the album. All of which was highly appreciated when these songs were road tested the last time the band toured Ireland.
In the album sleevenotes Martin Hayes, a virtuoso of the Irish fiddle, writes: "The group’s interpretations show that the music can be transmitted even at the highest levels outside the cultural context of Ireland…Thanks for the great work you’re doing for the music lads".


Formed in 1982 by Fabio Rinaudo e Daniele Caronna, the BIRKIN TREE embarked on a serious and impassioned study of the Irish folk repertory which involved visits to Ireland. Over the years the group have played with some of the most important voices in Irish music such as John Martin, Tommy Peoples, Seamus McGuire and Martin Hayes; They have also accompanied the celebrated piper Liam O'Flynn and the duo Martin Hayes/ Dennis Cahill on their Italian tours..
THE BIRKIN TREE have taken part in numerous TV and radio programmes for Rai, TeleMontecarlo, RTS Svizzera, Radio Capodistria, Telepiù, RTE (Irish National Radio), Radio Kerry e Radio Clare.
I BIRKIN TREE are the only italian group to have officially toured Ireland twice (in 1997 and 1998) participating in several local festivals (Feakle, Glencolumbeille, Caberciveen, Granard, Keadue).
Their first album, Continental Reel, released in 1996 was voted the best album of the period 95-97 by the Italian review, Folk Bullettin, and sold remarkably well.

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BIRKIN TREE - A Cheap Present
BIRKIN TREE - A Cheap Present
BIRKIN TREE - Continental Reel
BIRKIN TREE - Virginia


Elena Buttiero aeolian harp
Daniele Caronna fiddle, guitar, bouzouki
Luigi Fazzo guitar
Carlo Galantini fiddle
Giorgio Profetto guitar, vocals
Fabio Rinaudo uillean pipes, whistles
Simone Sisani flute
Marcello Scotto bodhran, percussion

Guest Musicians
Devis Longo keyboards
Franco Temporiti percussion


from CD Ye Katama Hod
17 July 2018 - h:21.30
Birkin Tree
Castello S. Giorgio
La Spezia (SP) - Italy

19 July 2018 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Piazza Lagorio
Finale Ligure / Fraz. Varigotti

29 July 2018 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Piazza San Colombano
Bobbio - Italy

31 July 2018 - h:21.00
Chiesa Fortezza di S. Pietro
Cipressa / Fraz.Lingueglietta (IM)

04 August 2018 - h:21.30
Birkin Tree & Derek Hickey
Castello Spinola
Campo Ligure (GE) - Italy

05 August 2018 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree & Derek Hickey
Pineta Bottini
Celle Ligure (SV) - Italy

08 August 2018 - h:21.00
Vado Ligure (SV) - Italy

10 August 2018 - h:20.00
Katholische Pfarrkirche "St. Johannes Apostel“ Dernau - Germany

11 August 2018 - h:20.00
Weillburger Schlosskonzerte
Weillburg - Germany

12 August 2018 - h:20.00
Dausenau in Lahnstein - Germany

15 August 2018 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
San Bartolomeo al Mare (IM)

17 August 2018 - h:21.00
Noli (SV)

23 August 2018 - h:21.00
Niella Tanaro (CN)

06 September 2018 - h:20.00
Haguenau - Germany

07 September 2018 - h:20.00
Schwerin - Germany

09 September 2018 - h:21.30
Michel Balatti
"The Northern Breeze"

Convivere Festival
Carrara - Italy

27 September 2018 - h:20.00
Blaue Haus
Doellnitz - Germania

28 September 2018 - h:20.00
Obersulm - Germany

29 September 2018 - h:20.00
Reimlingen - Germany

30 September 2018 - h:20.00
Mertingen - Germany

16 October 2018 - h:20.00
Ansbach - Germany

17 October 2018 - h:20.00
Trebsen - Germany

19 October 2018 - h:21.00
La Claque
Genoa - Italy

20 October 2018 - h:21.00
Laigueglia (SV)

27 October 2018 - h:21.00
Triora (IM) - Italy

26 December 2018 - h:17.00
Vado Ligure (SV)

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