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LA RÉPÉTITION - Orchestra senza confini - Mondo!
LA RÉPÉTITION - Orchestra senza confini

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Mondo! is the first album by La Rèpètition, a multiethnic orchestra that fuses West African, Mediterranean and Salento sounds in a modern and fresh way.

This project wishes to promote inclusion and intercultural confrontation, values of great importance during these historic times we are living in; this is made possible by music, which effectively travels beyond any physical and cultural border.

Since March 2017, the La Repetitiòn orchestra has focused on the meeting between West African traditional music and the sounds of the cultural melting pot that is the new Salento.

Directed by Claudio Prima and Giovanni Martella, this musical project unites Italians and Africans in the making of an original repertoire and shapes during open sessions in the city of Lecce, at the Manifatture Knos, as well as during workshops with international representatives of West African music.

The result is a multiethnic orchestra that fuses West African, Mediterranean and Salento sounds in a modern and fresh way. A powerful rhythmic section made by djembe, ngoma and dundun constitutes the beating heart of the project, the balafon and kamalé ngonì recall the African tradition and the large brass section, electric guitar, bass, oud, violin and organetto form the ideal connection with the Mediterranean and Salento traditions. Salento, which has historically always been a borderland and melting pot, becomes again a place where to discover the common traits that the different communities living in it share.

The orchestra’s repertoire includes traditional pieces from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Mali, as well as new compositions born from the Tukrè project, which has now been exploring the fusions between African and Salento music for five years.

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LA RÉPÉTITION - Orchestra senza confini - Mondo!


Siamo uguali
Orodara Sidiki
Opposite People
As A Master
A Tamburi
Ca Va Dieu


Claudio Prima - melodeon,voice
Giovanni Martella - drums, balafon
Rachele Andrioli - voice
Claudia Giannotta - voice
Mike E. Eghe - voice
Morris Pellizzari - electric guitar, ngoni
Riccardo Basile - electric bass
Antonio Alemanno - oud
Caterina Calò - violino
Lorenzo Lorenzoni - trombone
Elia Leardi - trombone
Giovanni Chirico - tenor & baritone sax
Luca Ferro - trumpet
Marco De Paola - trumpet
Federico Laganà - drums, kalabasse
Alessandro Chiga - drums, darbouka
Meissa Ndiaye - djembè
Luigi Colella - djembè
Somieh Mourigu - dundun

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