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Supriyo Dutta  - Federico Sanesi  - Passionate Voice
Supriyo Dutta - Federico Sanesi
Passionate Voice

Fy 8244
Felmay Records
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Debut CD with our label by SUPRIYO DUTTA, one of the best exponents of the new generation of North Indian vocalists, accompanied by FEDERICO SANESI on tabla and a small ensemble of Indian instrumentalists. SUPRIYO in this album presents a variety of North Indian compositions and musical forms, from the typical Khyal in raga Bihag to a Tarana and a Dadra In Raga Kedar.

A new recording expanding our Indian vocal music collections, that sees legendary masters Like Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Mallickarjun Mansur, Ustad Fayaz Khan, Balamurali Krishna, face to face with artists of the younger generations, (Sangeeta Bandiopadhyay, Anupama Bhagwat) and now SUPRIYO DUTTA, Hindustani vocalist from Kolkata. SUPRIYO in this CD, shows his skills in the classical khayal style, and in some semi-classical forms like tarana and dadra. Accompanied by FEDERICO SANESI on tabla along with a small ensemble of Indian instrumentalists, SUPRIYO’s vocal is very moving and able to take the listeners in the warmness of his voice, following the typical ability of his master’s guru legendary Ustad Ameer Khan.

SUPRIYO DUTTA is an established performer in Hindustani Vocal Classical music and at present a popular artist not only among music lovers in India but also a very well known and respected among Indian music lovers of abroad namely Italy, Germany, France, United States of America, Australia.
His proficiency includes Khayal, Tarana, Thumri, Bhajan and Sufi and also has a rare gift of creating original compositions using various style of world music. He was born to a music loving family where he was initiated into the world of music at the tender age of five. Basic training started under Shri Bidhan Mitra. Thereafter as a National Scholar-Govt. of India he acquired training under Pandit Ramkrishna Basu, a disciple of Legendary Ustad Ameer Khan of the Indore Gharana. Also he is receiving able guidance under Vidushi Subhra Guha A recipient of Gold Medal (M.A.- 1st class 1st in Vocal Music) from the Hon’ble Governor, SUPRIYO has won quite a few prestigious awards in his musical journey so far.
Blessed with an unique sensitive voice along with innate passion for music as well as constant search for excellence, SUPRIYO has earned considerable critical acclaim from audiences in India and abroad. An active and eloquent crusader of music, he regularly holds training classes and workshops for various levels of students, both in India and abroad.

FEDERICO SANESI is a Disciple of Pandit Sankha Chatterjee, I. Savoia, E. Lucchini and D. Searcy, has played and recorded tabla with many important musicians and groups in Italy and abroad, including Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ritwik Sanyal, Shujaat Husain Khan, Dino Saluzzi, John Taylor, Maria Pia de Vito, and Stephen James. Federico teaches tabla at Vicenza Conservatorium.
With Felmay FEDERICO SANESI released some previous Cds accompanying important Indian artists like Shujaat Husain Khan (fy 8176) and Pradeep Barot (fy 8251), the American Stephen James (fy 8024). and the jazzmen Enzo Favata, Dino Saluzzi ( fy 7001) or the Celtic harp master Vincenzo Zitello, ( fy 8035).

Supriyo Dutta - Federico Sanesi from Felmay Shop

Supriyo Dutta  - Federico Sanesi  - Passionate Voice


. Raag BIHAG - Vilambit Khayal in Jhumra Taal
2. Raag BIHAG - Drut Khayal
3. Tarana in Raag KEDAR
4. Dadra in Raag DHANASRI

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