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CABIT - Unico Figlio
Unico Figlio

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Cabit, that is Davide Baglietto and Edmondo Romano, have been dedicating for years to the repertoire of Christmas traditions. "Unico Figlio" is dedicated to the Christmas traditions of their native land, Liguria: melodies, rhymes, poems and tunes among the most representative in the region. A journey through living testimonies (the Ligurian Bells, the Ceriana’s song, the Genoese polyvocality, the piffero of the Four Provinces) beside the reinterpretations conducted by a rich instrumental and vocal ensemble (bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, flutes, wind instruments ...). A unique and original work, but also a tangible historical document on Liguria, which reveals the religious and secular aspects of the most waited holiday season of the year, Christmas.

The idea of a disc entirely dedicated to the Ligurian Christmas tradition is the result of the long experience of Cabit in bagpipes’ repertoires and in their passion for the Christmas repertoire .
The research and collection of almost forgotten songs, linked to the Liguria region, has been the step towards the realization of their first CD, in which rhymes, poems (both religious and lay) and melodies cover all the end of the year's holidays .
The traditions shown on the record are some of the most representative of the Ligurian region and they have been selected thanks to the collaboration of ethnomusicologists and traditional musicians.
Several artists have been involved in the recordings and, with their passion and skill, they have completed this sound fresco.
This trip to the Ligurian Christmas melodies is not only a record but an historical and tangible document that demonstrates how varied and rich are the nuances of the traditional landscape of this land.
On the disc there are testimonies still alive at today, such as the Ligurian Bells or the “drone chant” of Ceriana , the piffero (oboe) of the Four Provinces or the hurdy-gurdies used by the troubadours who had traveled to the region in the past.
A unique and original work that brings to light the various religious and secular aspects of the most waited holiday season of the year, Christmas time.

Cabit : Davide Baglietto (instrumentalist, composer, researcher and scholar of Ligurian musical traditions) and Edmondo Romano (composer and musician involved in many world, folk, ethno, progressive, songwriting projects ... with whom he recorded more than 100 albums) are a group born in 2000 that performs the repertoire of Italian folk tradition, from dances of central and southern folkore to dances of northern Italy, to European traditional music, arranging the tunes for two bagpipes, flutes, hurdy-gurdy, clarinet, piffero and percussion.
In the Christmas period, for years, they offered concerts of traditional Christmas repertoire of various European countries.
The album "Unico Figlio" is the first work entirely dedicated to traditional Ligurian Christmas music.

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CABIT - Unico Figlio


Davide Baglietto : bagpipes, ocarina
Edmondo Romano : bagppes, clarinet, flutes, sopranino, whistle

Quartetto Genovese : voices - Mauro Manicardi : melodeon - Fabio Biale : violin - Caterina Sangineto : voice -
Marc Novara : organ - Piccola Banda di Cornamuse : musette 16" e 23" - Stefano Valla : piffero - Fabrizio Zanocco : organ -Cantoria di Cegni : chorus - Fabio Rinaudo : musette bechonnet 11" - Gabtriele Coltri : musette 16" - Matteo Merli : voice - Franco Minelli : acoustic and battente guitar, voice - Matteo Dorigo : hurdy-gurdy - Valerio Ruggiero : bells - Giorgia Caviglia : voice - Matteo Lupi : voice - Micheli Solinas : voice - Simona Fasano : voice - Roberto Piga : violin - Emilio Traverso : historic organ


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