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AAVV - PROTECTION Himalayan Buddhist Mantras
PROTECTION Himalayan Buddhist Mantras

FY 3021
Felmay Records
1 CD

Five ancient mantras of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition focused on the healing (physical and/or spiritual rituals, recorded in Leh (Ladakh), in April and July 2016.

The mantras are not only focused on the mystical formulas of invocation and metaphysical value of the word, the supreme expression of the divine and the first principle of creation. They are also sacred sound vibrations, intended to connect the human with the divine. Compounds representative of syllables, containing within them a great spiritual energy, can awaken in one's true self and give it the lighting. The properly execution of the mantras facilitates the liberation of the soul towards higher states, leading to union with the divine. The continuous chanting of mantras purifies the conscience and mind, promotes harmony at all levels .
Protection, curated by Dr Sonam Wangchok, completed with the collaboration of the Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation (HCHF) in Leh (Ladakh–India), presents five mantras of the Himalayan region.
After our previous releases Compassion (fy3020, 2014) along with the field recordings at the Spituk Monastery (Blessing, fy3019, 2013), and the documentary Drums of Himalaya (private release, 2017), this is a new chapter of our exploration among the religious and musical traditions, of the North West area of India.
Amitayus Buddha Mantra is the mantra of immortality (or Endless Life), it is recited to increase longevity, merit, wisdom, and above all, to prevent and ward off premature death. It’s, therefore, the Buddha of lasting life and profound wisdom. By engaging in this practice we can increase the essential qualities for our spiritual development and finally reach the state of Enlightenment without passing through death. This practice can also be used to remove obstacles from other’s people lives. Amitayus has a red colored body and sits with his hands in the gesture of meditative equipoise, holding a jar full of Amrita, the nectar of immortality.
Vajrapani Hayagriva Garuda Mantra is recited to eliminate interiors, exteriors and secrets obstacles, especially ones that hurt the spirit. Takes away every form of negative energy and create a total protection.
Medicine Buddha Mantra is starred for the healing of all who are sick and/or injured, to help doctors treat and cure any sickness, and to support the healing of both body and mind.
Prajnaparamita Mantra (Shesnying Mantra) comes from the Mahayana Buddhist tradition known as Prajnaparamita Sutra (Perfection of Wisdom) which include teachings such as the Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra. So it could be translated as Sutra of the Transcendent Wisdom, it contains in its formula the Perfection of Wisdom. The practice of this mantra support to reach the inner enlightenment.
The White Tara Mantra (Sitatara) is associated with a long life. It‘s another representation of compassion, depicted as a being endowed with seven eyes to symbolize the compassionate mind supervision. This mantra is often sung for healing of all those who are sick and to help doctors to heal. It helps heal your own body and mind, helps you develop a healthy way of life and to achieve longevity. Ultimately helps to prepare serenely for death.

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