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PIZZIMENTI Antonio Paolo  - Chimera
PIZZIMENTI Antonio Paolo

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ANTONIO PAOLO PIZZIMENTI's new album presents his soundtrack for the theatre work Chimera, taken from Sebastiano Vassalli's novel "La Chimera", starring Lucilla Giagnoni and produced by Teatro Giacosa, Ivrea.
The album comprises sixteen inspired and tightly meshed tracks that together form a vibrant and original musical fresco, as often happens with sonorities that besides having their own singularity, converse with the theatre's gestural images rather than hanging demurely in the background or filling in dead moments.

Through his brilliant and highly original syntheses, PIZZIMENTI offers a summa of sounds from very different musical worlds. In Chimera there are echoes of ethnic, classical and minimalist music, perfectly blended and combined in PIZZIMENTI's keyboard arrangements which highlight the delicacy rather than the limits of its artisanal essence. Now listeners have the chance to savour these atmospheres, atmospheres that are not at all fragmentary but at once real and dreamlike, and are sure to be surprised and delighted from the very first bars. The immediacy of the music in no way lessens its creative depth, which is untouched, however pleasing the sound.

As rarely happens in the music world, ANTONIO PAOLO PIZZIMENTI is involved both on the creative side music making and in the technical processes that permit its circulation. Musician, composer, sound technician, music and multimedia producer, PIZZIMENTI boasts a prestigious string of collaborations not only in the record industry but also in the worlds of television, radio, theatre, soundtracks and advertising. Besides working as a sound engineer for celebrated artists such as Eugenio Finardi, Aida Cooper, Elio e le Storie tese, Garbo, The Memphis Horns, Mimmo Locasciulli, Greg Cohen (Tom Waits Band), Gino Paoli, Donatella Rettore, Marco Carena and many others, PIZZIMENTI has taken part in countless tours both in Italy and the rest of the world (The Manhattan Transfer, Gilberto Gill, Miriam Makeba, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso, etc.). As a musician he has played on records by Roberto Vecchioni, Aeroplani Italiani, Rudy Marra, Banda Osiris and Tony e i Volumi (his "official" group for whom he is also the artistic producer and sound technician). Particularly appreciated is his remarkable work for theatre. His many contributions include the original soundtrack for Uccelli (from Aristophanes, directed by Gabriele Vacis, cd NewTone/Felmay, 1996) a collaboration with Banda Osiris and several soundtracks for Teatro Settimo (included in Atlante, Dunya/Felmay 2001), Teatro Kismet and the French group ZUR.

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