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YO YO MUNDI - Munfra'

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YO YO MUNDI: the sound-memory, the country music and the Monferrato tales.

To celebrate their tenth official album, YOYO MUNDI enjoy an exploration trip through their lands of Monferrato. A popular music recording floating on the country music typical of this band and a variety of short tales discovered among history’s facts.
Munfrâ is the album on which folk and songwriting mingle to world music thus generating a new artistic dimension, fruit of a four year research and composition work. In occasion of their silent film soundtrack performance of Sciopero/Strike (1925, by Sergej M. Ejsenštejn), back in 2004 The Guardian wrote: «Sciopero is a potent blast of political pop: the Clash with accordion.» (The British press during their UK tour in 2006 described them as «Italian masters of silent film soundtracks»), yet it sounds as if many more years have passed, because today that folk-rock sound has transformed itself into something deeply enriching of harmonic and varied rhythms and gentle dialect chants. It is thanks to the wide palette of sound colors that makes this album something special in the artistic production of this Monferrato band. As Paolo Conte describes in his preface to the CD: «I am listening to this magnificent record by Yo Yo Mundi, from my Monferrato […] I am appreciating the colored sadness that these songs have, in which the frequent use of a minor key (matter which concerns the harmony) does not create sadness and abandonment, but continuous dance of light and shadow.» The variety of colors and sounds characterizing Munfrâ is guaranteed also by the guest artists such as Hevia, Eugenio Finardi, Steve Wickham, Banda Osiris, Sergio Berardo (Lou Dalfin), Nabil Salameh (Radiodervish), Filippo Gambetta, Fabio Rinaudo (Birkin Tree) that offered their quality contribution by bringing along a load of odd and/or traditional musical instruments. It may seem hard to believe but today Crêuza de mä by Fabrizio de André and Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys, are connected by a thin strong and wonderful string: Munfrâ by Yo Yo Mundi. Enjoy your listening and your journey.

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