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LI CALZI Giorgio - Organum
LI CALZI Giorgio

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Organum, which developed in the Middle Ages, is one of the first attempts at arranging two voices in early music.
I believe the brain needs primordial stimulations: in that way it should be artistically primitive, as I firmly believe in the right lobe, as the artistic impulse drive.
Organum is therefore an album with two voices, two sides. Firstly, my work with the outstanding musicians I have played with for several years, secondly, my studio work together with virtual guest musicians, who I hadn’t met before I began to overdub these cut and paste tracks, together with my Turin computer and Portsmouth-born Hayley Alker, an amazing singer-songwriter who I had met through Myspace; together with Thomas Leer, cult singer-songwriter from the late 70’s/early 80’s British New Wave scene.
Included in this line-up of artist are: Manchester’s Marconi Union, spokespeople of the British contemporary ambient music, Retina.it from Pompei, Italy (Hefty Records) and London-born Douglas Benford, two of the most highly rated experimenters of the international minimalistic electorinc sounds.
This is my eighth album, and if we exclude the 2008 dvd, my first cd after seven years.
Giorgio Li Calzi

Born in Turin, Italy in 1965, Giorgio Li Calzi started overdubbing piano and synthesizer as a child, and in 1990 he began to play the trumpet. He studied in the early 90’s under Enrico Rava’s tutorship. It was Rava who convinced Giorgio to become a trumpet player. In 1990 Giorgio also won the best European composer award at the Competition for Young Jazz Talents (RAI/Ives St. Laurent), in Rome. Then he began composing music for the theatre and dance performances. He started working for the advertising world and won the 1992 award for best Italian composer, for a FIAT jingle, in Milan. His groups, made up of Italian, African, Arab, Asian and Brazilian musicians, play at international festivals, and at cinema festivals, too, as special event.
In 2003 he collaborated with Wolfgang Flür, historical member of Kraftwerk, and Lenine, the great Brazilian singer-songwriter, for his album TECH-SET (2004).
In 2007 he arranged his first work as theatrical-visual director - Giorgio Li Calzi Lectio Organica I: Dracula.
In December 2008 he released his first dvd: Giorgio Li Calzi + Aleksandr Nevskij, new electronic score to the masterpiece of Sergej Ejzenštejn, produced by Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino. Since July 2010, he is the director of CHAMOISic, musical festival dedicated to jazz, electronic and avant-garde music, in Chamois, the only village in Italy reachable by cableway (1800 mt).

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LI CALZI Giorgio - Organum
LI CALZI Giorgio - Tech - set

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