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CORSI Armando Projecto - Alma
CORSI Armando Projecto

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«My new project, I might say, wants to be a personal review of the popular Portuguese folk song, which has always been one of my closed dreams.
In this work, supported by friends and fellow musicians and by my trusted producer Raffaele Abbate, we wanted to give a different and original cut compared to the traditional Fado, in sound and atmosphere with the addition, for instance, of vocal and instrumental diversified harmonies and the unprecedented grafting of percussion and wind instruments.
Alma, from Portuguese for Soul, fully defines intentions and inspirations, as a universal message of respect and care to Music, as unique vehicle of communication and transmission between people.
Hope you will enjoy listening.
Armando Corsi

Armando Corsi was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1947.
«Smiling guitar» is the loving nickname created by pundits for this modest and only apparently introvert musician. His career started forty years ago in old Genoa cafes where the elderly got together to sing and play traditional Italian songs.
As a young man he travelled the world on big cruisers learning and performing every night the best music by J. Gilberto, A.C. Jobim, A. Piazzolla. Later on Armando Corsi began working with the like of Paco De Lucia and Eric Marienthal and the great Italian songwriter Ivano Fossati with whom he toured for four years in a row.
1995 was a turning point in Corsi’s career, being the year of his first solo album: Itinerari (Routes, in Italian). The album – a wide ranging voyage through different musical worlds – was composed, arranged and produced by Corsi himself.
For his second CD, Duende, issued in 2002 by Officinae Artist, Armando Corsi collaborated with Beppe Quirici and Elio Rivagli.
2006 is the year of Buena Suerte and features the late Bruno Lauzi. The line-up is completed by Mario Arcari, Fabio Vernizzi and Marco Fadda.
Buena Suerte is a vibrating work taking inspiration from Corsi's love for Latin American music.
Alma (2010) is an original and personal review of Fado, the traditional Portuguese folk song style.

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CORSI Armando Projecto - Alma


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