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BREGADA BERARD (Sergio Berardo) - Bon Nadal Occitania
BREGADA BERARD (Sergio Berardo)
Bon Nadal Occitania

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Bon Nadal Occitania, is a collection of compositions from the tradition conceived to commemorate Christmas. This is the unusual soundtrack for the upcoming Festivities recommended by BREGADA BERARD, the collective alter ego of Sergio BERARDO, charismatic leader of Lou Dalfin and reputed representative of the Occitany music and culture.

If it might sound an unusual BERARDO what comes out of the first notes of this recording, considered his commitment in organising and discovering of traditional Occitany tune, we do not have to forget that this artist from the Cuneo Valleys has always been, from the start, a severe and passionate researcher of the patrimony of his lands, of which he successfully recomposed the music repertoire for hurdy-gurdy.
In his new record BERARDO’s wide instrumental musical knowledge thrives, his role as director of the entire operation named BREGADA BERARD is evident. The result is a journey back in time that easily and naturally draws us through the Christmas sounds that used to echo in the Occitany Valleys in medieval times.
Chants and melodies presented by BREGADA BERARD show us their artistic depth and proves how cantar Nadal or cantar nové used to be deeply rooted in their people’s life.

It is the tradition of the singing nativity to powerfully rise, expression of an authentic popular tradition never choked by ritual restrictions, oozing spirituality and shared participation. BERARDO dots the record with multiple instrumental gems (hurdy-gurdy in D, hurdy-gurdy in G, semiton (melodeon), piva d’Estròp, boha, bodega, clarin, flabuta and ton-ton, fifre, fluta de cabra, aboés, saz) together with talented musicians who unconditionally supported the project: Valeria Benigni and her remarkable voice, Francesco Giusta and Federico Silvestri (ghironde), Roberto Fesia (keyboard), Dino Tron (musetas), Riccardo Serra (drums), Mario Poletti (mandolin, bouzouki), Emma Rouault (cello), Luca Biggio (sax), Marco Martinetto (harmonium), Patrick Rougeot and Jean Paul Faraut (galobet-tamborin), the Choir l’Escabòt directed by Fabrizio Simondi, Color Brass directed by Diego Vasserot.

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BREGADA BERARD (Sergio Berardo) - Bon Nadal Occitania


Sergio Berardo - hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, melodeon, fifre, saz, vocals
Valeria Benigni - vocal
Francesco Giusta - hurdy gurdy
Federico Silvestri- hurdy gurdy
Roberto Fresia - organ
Dino Tron - musetas (bagpipes)
Riccardo Serra - drums
Mario Poletti - mandolin, bouzouki
Emma Rouault - cello
Luca Bigio - sax
Marco Martinetto - harmonium
Patrick Rougeot & Jean Paul Faraut - galobet-tamborin (percussion)
Coro l’Escabòt - lead by Fabrizio Simondi
Color Brass lead by Diego Vasserot

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