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BORGHETTI Renato - Fandango!

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Born in Brazil in 1963 with Italian origins, Renato Borghetti is an instrumentalist and an absolutely original author. In his compositions very different musical influences melt. He expresses his art through the diatonic accordion called (in gaucha tradition) gaita ponto. In his new work, Fandango!, we can listen, in the alternation of genres and styles, to the particular way in which he expresses the Latin American universe.

This album, the last of a large discography which began in the middle of the 80’s and which had a considerable success even at the box office, opens with a waltz, O pulo do grilo, that has a particular structure, together with the guitars of Daniel Sà, co author of many tracks, the flute of Pedrinho Figuereido and the piano of Vitor Peixoto, some of the musicians who helped Borghetti in this hard work. Garoa com vento is a wild piece with jazz tones created on the soft lines of the bass offered by Ricardo Baumgarten and by the jumping sax soprano solo of Figuereido.
Sweet memories, night and soft atmospheres in Ninando, while Ventos do sul, opened by an introduction of Peixoto at the piano, is a carioca milonga, elegant and essential in its execution.
To the same genre belong: Todo mundo correu !, with marked rhythmic accents, and Ferrao de maribondo, with the overlapping of complex instrumental plots. Passo fundo, written by Daniel Sà, plays an important role in this album, Borghetti manages to express his great technique and expressive force. This piece is full of colours and different feelings which help to emphasize the various musical faces of South America.
Fandango ! ends with Milonga para Simoes Lopes Neto, famous historian of Rio Grande do Sul, region where Renato Borghetti was born and that inspired a poetic and dreamy track, marked once again by the sound of the sax soprano of Daniel Sà, irreplaceable companion-in-arms of Borghetti, that offers an album in which tradition and modernity live together.

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BORGHETTI Renato - Andancas / Live in Brussels
BORGHETTI Renato - Fandango!


1. O Pulo Do Grilo
2. Vitoria
3. Garoa Com Vento
4. Ninando
5. Ventos Do Sul
6. Emily
7. Todo Mundo Correu!
8. Passo Fundo
9. Pedro No Sapato
10. Ferrao De Marimbondo
11. Milonga Para Simoes Loves Nero

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