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FAVATA Enzo - Isla

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ENZO FAVATA, Sardinian, saxophones and benas (traditional instrument typical of the island) mixes in his music the ancient and the technology, acoustic instruments with electronics and computer. The personal way of using these instruments makes of ENZO FAVATA one of the most original World Music musicians in Italy.


JANA PROJECT, experience started in 1988, is the closest project to the traditional and experimental music that FAVATA has. A project based an the hypothesis of an imaginary traditional music of our times.

ISLA’ is the second record production of JANA PROJECT. In the present case particularly centred around an acoustic approach to the music and a mix of styles apparently far one form the other. The title is already an imaginary place. ISLA’ is a word that do not exist but that reminds both to isola (Island) and Islam.


For this production FAVATA is working with some virtuoso musicians and their own instrument/s. Marcello Peghin, co-writer of most of the music, guitar, mainly on the 10 strings version; Federico Sanesi, Oriental and Western percussion; Riccardo Tesi very known accordion player, one of the best in Europe; on some titles Elena Ledda, one of the best vocalists in Sardinia today, adds the group.


All the tracks, except Così vicino, così lontano, last piece on the CD, where FAVATA employs extensively samplings and electronics sounds, are acoustic played by the quartet. In a fantastic trip around the south of the world. Tracks such as Pane Arabo, Buendia, Qantara, are typical of the Mediterranean tradition between east and west; Burkina, is dedicated to the Black Africa, Ulà Tirso to Sardinia while Orione is a quick jump to Argentina and gives life to all the melancholy of South America.


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FAVATA Enzo - Isla
FAVATA Enzo - Voyage en Sardaigne


Enzo Favata soprano and sopranino sax, benas, synt, sampled percussion
Marcello Peghin classic, acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synt.
Federico Sanesi tabla, darbouka, tavil, cangira, gatham, cymbals, bells,
Riccardo Tesi two rows melodeon
Elena Ledda voice
Salvatore Maiore double bass / Franca Deriu violin, viola / Giovanni Macciocu cello
Tafsuro Matzui, Kenji Sadishi - sampled voices

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