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VIZONTO - New Wave
New Wave

Fy 8004
World Music

Dunya Records
1 CD

As Janos Hasur, the leader of the group, writes in the presentation of the CD: «The title - New Wave - doesn’t cover a change of genre, but reflects the new songs, fresh instrumentation due to the new members of the Vizonto group». In fact with this new CD the band continues on his very original musical path: a synthesis of traditional tunes and elements of classical, pop and jazz.
In the 11 tracks of the CD, mostly composed by the band members with the use of traditional text we go from the homage to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra of the opening track, Dance for bagpipe, subtitled Dance for Bagpipe at the Penguin Cafe to the meditative songs of the gypsy and shepherds tradition - Jabi-Pabi, Funak a Fellegek - till the sad songs about loneliness, Arva Arva. The musical moments are very various too. Dance melodies, classical solo violin, intimate and romantic moments and Afro-European accompaniment.
The instrumentation consists of strings (violin, viola, doublebass), woodwinds (saxes, bagpipe, bass clarinet), guitars, accordion and folk instruments like tambura, ud, kobsa and flutes giving to the music a very wide range of colours and variety of expressions.

VIZÖNTÖ is one of the most important and historical roots music bands in Hungary, founded over 20 years ago. The name VIZÖNTÖ means Aquarius. The band has played all over the world giving concerts, TV shows, workshops from Canada to Iraq, from Italy to Holland. This is their 8th recording. The summary of their 20 year of activity.

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VIZONTO - New Wave


János Hasur violin, viola, voice
Béla Agoston flutes, Hungarian bagpipes, sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion, voice
Géza Fábri voice, guitar, tambura, kobsa, ud
Tamás Vályin Nagy double bass, accordion, voice, percussion

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