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GAMBETTA Beppe - Blu di Genova
Blu di Genova

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World Music

Dunya Records
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After the great success of his recent live album together with Dan Crary (Synérgia, Dunya Records), Genoese guitarist BEPPE GAMBETTA is back with a highly singular new offering that unites his the charm of his acoustic playing with a taste for full on experimentation and research.
BEPPE GAMBETTA is a great exponent of the flatpicking style, a technique he has imported and creatively introduced into his interpretations.
On his new CD Blu di Genova has fun musically skipping back and forth across the Atlantic divide with a repertoire that moves from Italian folk to US roots music. Much like the blue cloth used by the Genoese to make work clothes was transformed by the Americans into denim jeans, the most worn garment in the world, Gambetta sets about remodelling and giving new form to the European and American materials he grew up with, often interweaving them with rare skill.
Surrounding himself with a number of prestigious and versatile guest musicians both Italian and international, GAMBETTA on six and twelve string guitar reinvents a dozen pieces which he instils with great emotive power. Well evident on these tracks is his mad passion for music born from an encounter with other open and committed musical personalities. On Blu di Genova GAMBETTA has a ball duetting with Oregon bassist Glen Moore over a tangle of odd rhythms, throws himself into a march in a dialogue with Phil Neuman's bass tuba, and converses easily with a real piece of rock geology, the Byrds' Gene Parsons who as well as fingerpicking long neck banjo also gets to grips with the Genoese dialect. And we mustn't forget Dan Crary, a real maestro of the guitar for GAMBETTA as well as a great friend and musical partner. The pieces the duo play together on this album reach rare artistic heights. But equally important are the contributions of the numerous Italian musicians who have been working with GAMBETTA for years: Mario Arcai on oboe, Martino Coppo on mandolin and percussionist Marco Fadda. To say nothing of the warm tones of son Filippo Gambetta's melodeon, an instrument he has made his own despite his relatively young age.
From blues to Mediterranean dances, acoustic rock to flatpicking, fandango and tarantella and a deeply felt homage to Fabrizio De André, the whole of the album bursts with energy and the desire to communicate. With Blu di Genoa BEPPE GAMBETTA hits the road once again, reconfirming his status as a musician and creator of the first rank.

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GAMBETTA Beppe - Blu di Genova
GAMBETTA Beppe - Slade Stomp


1. On the road with mama 3.21
2. Fandango per la bionda 3.28
3. Church Street Blues (N. Blake) 6.15
4. Shenandoah Valley Breakdown 2.17
5. A Cimma (F. De Andrè - I. Fossati) 6.44
6. Sestrina 2.02
7. A night in Frontenac 3.35
8. Nova Gelosia/Serenata 3.50
9. Tarantexas 3.16
10. Fuinde 3.50
11. Marcia Americana / Under the double eagle 3.48
12. Red shoes 0.55


Beppe Gambetta acoustic guitar

Dan Crary acoustic guitar
Glen Moore double bass
Phil Neuman tuba
Gene Parsons voice, banjo
Marco Fadda percussion
Filippo Gambetta melodeon
Martino Coppo mandolin
Mario Arcari oboe
Carlo Aonzo arrangements

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