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TIZIANO TONONI   EMANUELE PARRINI - The Many Moods of Interaction
The Many Moods of Interaction

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A collaboration that started twenty years ago and continues to bear interesting and intense results. A long and articulated path, which began in 2001/2002, when the two musicians participated together in the Rotella Variations project, of which the violinist EMANUELE PARRINI was co-leader t with Tiziana Ghiglioni. Subsequently, many opportunities arose tocompare the respective visions and concepts of a music, Jazz, to which they both proudly claim an ideal belonging. An almost unprecedented instrumental duo that offers the opportunity to understand that basically it is not the "what", but the "how" that counts, and that there is and will always be a way to play together with any type of ensemble, if only you give space to your imagination, without setting limits, using the fundamental ingredient of curiosity.

The artistic team of TIZIANO TONONI and EMANUELE PARRINI dates back to the Change of the Century, to say it a la Ornette, way back to 2001/2002, when they started working together on the “Rotella Variations” projectc, co-led by the violin player and by singer Tiziana Ghiglioni. From there on, many would have been the chances for the two musicians to compare their mutual visions and conceptions, in both Jazz and in the broader territory of improvisation in its own right and many facets. The language of Jazz and its development has always been a reason of interest and study for these two improvisers, and they’ve been experimenting new discoveries and solutions by playing and applying them with the Italian Instabile Orchestra, with the groups led by Tiziana Ghiglioni, in the collaboration with William Parker, in their mutual individual projects, or for PARRINI in becoming a steady member of Nexus, the legendary band TONONI has co-led for the past forty years with saxophonist Daniele Cavallanti. In this duo, the violin and the drums come to their ultimate stand with no intermediates, no compromises, facing the ancestral relation between the two most fundamental elements in music…rhythm and melody. If you’re used to some of their adventures in music, this is gonna be the good occasion to discover a few unusual and more subtle sides of them both, where the two musicians seem to exchange their respective roles… for those who don’t know, this is the time to experience what it means to improvise freely together, if you only give room to your imagination, no boundaries, no limits or borders, putting into action the only one necessary ingredient to fully appreciate any and every expression of the human spirit…curiosity, the will to learn and to go, to quote Jackie McLean, one step Beyond. Open to the new, open to the world, to the Others, a way to give back to Jazz an important part of his original, syncretic and multi-cultural Soul.
EMANUELE PARRINI is becoming a point of reference in the innovation of improvisational language on the violin. Engaged on several fronts, he shares the experiences of numerous groups of different musical orientation, from the Italian Instabile Orchestra, to the Dinamitri Jazz Folklore, to the groups of Tiziano Tononi and Daniele Cavallanti and has an impressive amount of collaborations: Cecil Taylor, Amiri Baraka, John Tchicai, Anthony Braxton, William Parker, Butch Morris, Marc Ribot a.o..

TIZIANO TONONI Born in Milan in 1956, he began playing drums in rock bands and from the mid-'70s progressively approached jazz in its various forms. In 1978 he met the American percussionist Andrew Cyrille, with whom he began to study in New York and later, both in the U.S. and in Europe. In 1981 he founded with the saxophonist Daniele Cavallanti the Nexus group, a band that became known in Italy and in Europe through participation in concerts, shows and international festivals. He is a founding member of the Italian Instabile Orchestra as well, with whom he played at major international festivals. He recorded for ECM, Enja, Leo Records, Black Saint, Soul Note, Splasc (h), Red Record and LongSong and has won numerous critics, national and international awards. He has played and/or recorded with Tiziana Ghiglioni, Gianluigi Trovesi, Roberto Ottaviano, Dino Betti Van Der Noot, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Enrico Rava, Muhal Richard Abrams, Pierre Favre, David Friedman, Dave Liebman, J, Oliver Johnson, Maggie Nicols, Andrew Cyrille, Barre Phillips, Mark resser, Ray Anderson, Steve Lacy, Dewey Redman, Tony Scott, William Parker, Cecil Taylor, Glenn Ferris, Mark Dresser, Herb Robertson, Steve Swell, Joe Fonda, Jaimoe, Roswell Rudd. With the Nexus album Call for a New Life (Felmay 2022) won the lifetime achievement award of Musica Jazz magazine.


TIZIANO TONONI   EMANUELE PARRINI - The Many Moods of Interaction


1.Peaceful Warrior/The Opening (T.Tononi) for Leonard Peltier, politic prisoner since 1977, American Indian Movement
2) No Title (E.Parrini)
3) Victor (E.Parrini)
4) Song For Romero (E.Parrini)
5) The Water Protectors (T.Tononi)
for the people at the North and South Dakota Standing Rock Reservation, say NO to NODAPL!
6) Spered Hollvered (Alan Stivell)
Three colors of improvisations in A curved space: (Tononi/Parrini)
7) Five Sides (Green)
8) Circle(Red)
9) Triangle(White/Yellow)
10) Peaceful Warrior/Closing Time(T.Tononi)
for Mumia Abu Jamal, political prisoner since 1981, Black Panther Party


Tiziano Tononi DRUMS percussion
Emanuele Parrini Violin

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