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NEXUS - The CALL: for A New Life
The CALL: for A New Life

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In 1981, TIZIANO TONONI and DANIELE CAVALLANTI established NEXUS an avant-garde constantly evolving jazz ensemble. NEXUS today releases its eleventh album with unchanged and renewed passion. An album that invites reflections on contemporary times offering a sound perspective in which the listener is called to discover implications and nuances of a kaleidoscopic music, which makes multi-cultural approach one of a main reasons of interest.

The Call: For A New Life the new chapter, branded 2021, of the very long human and musical history of NEXUS group, the unit funded in 1981 by TIZIANO TONONI and DANIELE CAVALLANTI. Their eleventh album with a renewed line-up, in continuity with their last recording “Experience Nexus!” so well and unanimously received.
The sound continuity is represented by the combined presence of both the violin and the vibes, this time teaming their timbres with the tenor sax and the trombone. TONY CATTANO on trombone and LUCA GUSELLA on vibes are the two newcomers to the NEXUS world, while four out of six of the new NEXUS are veterans of the band. The two leaders CAVALLANTI and TONONI, violinist EMANUELE PARRINI and double bass player SILVIA BOLOGNESI, have a musical compatibility consolidated by playing in different common settings, both live and in the studio, with the likes of Tiziana Ghiglioni, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Raoul Bjorkenheim and the J&F Band.
New music, and new ways to interpret both written page and interplay suggestions created by the band members. The view is wide open, as always, on the overall musical landscape.
Past and recent history is behind the corner, and the listener is called not to have a passive role while listening, but invited to discover a sound perspective and nuances of a musical kaleidoscope with a strong multi-cultural approach that is one of main reasons of strength and interest.

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NEXUS - The CALL: for A New Life


1) 5 4 3 2 (the Milano post-pandemic easy version)
2) Hornet Redux
3) The Crossing Of The Lifeline...
4) J.G.
5) S.O.S.
6) Cherokee Blood/The Trail Of Tears
7) 5 4 3 2


Daniele Cavallanti tenor sax
Tony Cattano trombone, percussion
Emanuele Parrini violin percussion
Luca Gusella vibraphone percussion
Silvia Bolognesi double bass
Tiziano Tononi drums, percussion, gong

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